18+ non-ERP hub dedicated to three settings: medieval fantasy with elves, sci-fi aliens, and modern magic in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters with our own, original lore.
18+ non-ERP hub dedicated to three settings: medieval fantasy with elves, sci-fi aliens, and modern magic in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters with our own, original lore.
You have been accepted for your outstanding skills by Mr. Zero. In this school, you will stay for approximately 5-10 years and specialize in either spying, assassination, or fighting. After completion, you will either work for the underground government or the mafia. https://discord.gg/2w9zh8s
We are a friendly rp, looking for members.
The World of Karak is a fantasy rp server that is set in a steampunk age. The world has been hand crafted for enjoyable rp and erp. We created the server to find people who enjoy rping and having fun. Creating characters and jumping into an rp is simple and easy. We have active staff and are hoping to fill the server with people who want to explore this new world.
A roleplay server set in a medieval-type world; it's filled with different types of magic, races, and creatures. Many aspects of the world are custom, but many are also taken from various pieces of lore. The community, at the time of writing, is primarily filled with adults and the server does contain violence and gore; it is SFW, however. The community is designed for mature people, but we're pretty laid-back and generally most are okay to join.
The great war is done. The Kobolds were defeated, and everyone made peace. The Kobolds seem to have disappeared, but that doesn't matter now. We won. Falldark replaced our old King, Karllafd. Peace... At last...
- Make Your Own OC'S - Make Enemies Or Friends - Have Magic And Weapons! - Have Mates/ Partners - Family Friendly! - NO NSFW!!
The Ultimate Gaming Clan [V3X] Gaming Inc Streaming Public Chat Clan Chat SELFIES LFG | Chat Giveaways Partnerships Gaming News PRIVATE Rooms Monthly Meetings NSFW - Double Locked - for Safety Pro Gaming Division & Tier ranking for Non-Pro Players We Host the #1 Populated - Ranked Black Ops Multiplayer Server in the World Multi-Cultural, Multi-National World Wide Clan comedy + emojis + More............. One Clan to rule them all, one Clan to find them, one clan to bring them all - in their gaming bind them! [V3X] Gaming Inc. -- https://discord.gg/CGSTSVR For Partnership Info: Open a Ticket in our #request-help discord channel | Under Information Categor
This is a 5e D&D server! Come join us for some magical Roleplay! Always looking for more Dungeons Masters! We are a weed-friendly server, we also have a ton on meme's up and we play almost daily! Come be apart of our family! There are going to be NSFW content in this server, please try to be 18+. Other than that we welcome you to our community!
Welcome. You've most probably travelled very great distances to get here. The Monastery holds some of the greatest scholars and has produced some of the greatest military officers known to mankind as a whole. But that's not the focal point here. The focal point is you. You, your education, and your experience here are what matter to the Monastery staff, and especially to the Arca Totalis. What we offer! - Very leniant character creation! - Literate Roleplay! - Many environments to engage in! - Narrative Roleplay! - Permission to Kill
Let's keep things real and experience the magic within. Our server's theme is an ode to all the values that brought generations together, reading Harry Potter.
It has been 1000 years since the first humans arrived on the continent of Iria. It’s safe to say, they transformed the continent completely. In the past 50 years, they rapidly outclassed the native population of elves, dwarves, lizardmen, demi-humans, and dragons in technology and rivaled them in magical ability. With these advantages and large populations, many nations fought for territory. With the Iverntian Empire’s conquest of the east and center of the continent, the remaining nations united to form the United Kingdom of Aria. The future is unknown, but you can help shape it! > Open roleplay > Numerous fantasy species! > Unique map and geography > Acceptance of conflicting viewpoints > Opportunities to become a staff member (Will be open at 15 members w/ characters!) > Radio > Protection against spam bots > And more!
Friendly occult server, to learn and share experiences together. We are open-minded people who would love to have you with us.
A welcome place for all witches, our server is devoted to all things witchcraft, learning, spells, fortunes, tarot, pagan, spiritual, occult, and other esoteric areas of interest. Chat, share pics, use bots, and let your spirit go wild! We await you...
Welcome to Hotel Valhalla! Set in modern time, Hotel Valhalla continues to provide a safe haven for the children of Norse gods. This server has/is - Active Staff - LGBTQ+ friendly - Main gods (willing to add more!) - Magic - Literacy
Order of Magic is a large roleplay with an evergrowing world, a vast but fast to learn and still mostly freeform progression system - including various classes and magic - great characters and players, and the potential to grow even bigger! The setting has a lot of fantasy with a diverse world where some countries are in an industrial age, others are in the renaissance or even still medieval. Each continent is different and has a high number of countries - and there is still a lot to explore, be it as part of faction or free spirit. Anyone can join storylines and make an impact and you do not have to grow uber-powerful to change something. Feel free to RP at your own pace!
a small fantasy rp server with a free and open rp. we're currently looking for people who don't mind a brand new, almost empty server
A small community of Alabama witches, pagans, and other occult aligned individuals gathering to learn and grow.
Mystica is a Medieval Fantasy Literate rp server. We have custom lore, races, etc, with room to grow!
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! We eagerly await your return owl & hope to see you at the start of term. 💌