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We are a modding community thats just trying to grow.
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Freeform RP server that welcomes all characters.
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Welcome to the discord server for the Fantasy Nexus, a world of my own design! It has everything from diverse magic to elves and dwarves, dragons and fairies and magical creatures galore! Come check it out and see what lies in store for you!
Gaming | Entertainment
Our servers dedicated to the no.1 activity you love: video games. Come on over, because it's better to play together. We have a bot that creates parties for you and your friends. (Nexus Client) We have memes. (yes, a whole chat dedicated to them) And LFG chats, for those looking for gamers. (All consoles)
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the BEST experience available in mutiple games
Role-Playing | eSports
●❯────[ 🌌Nexus RP 🌌 ]────❮● Olá, desde já eu sou o Nexus RP, ainda não me conheces? O quê? Como assim... tas mais desatualizado que o PC da minha escola... Convido-te então a conheceres-me!! 📌 | Informações: ●Servidor Novo;🔔 ●Temos 32 Slots;💻 ●Staff ATIVA;📞 ●Temos do bom e melhor RP;👥 ●Scripts únicos;👨‍💻 ●100+ Carros únicos;🚗 ●Empregos Whitelisted Ilegais e Legais✅ Estas á espera de que para entrar? Entra no nosso discord e pega já o IP para entrares!!!
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🌕Umbran Duelist is a Yu-Gi-Oh server for players old and new. We got a variety to appeal to many duelists. Fun games modes and chat rooms such as * Daily Special Themed Duels. * Deck Creation Challenges for custom card players. * Duel links chat rooms. * Bandit Keith’s den for 16yr+ players. * Pokécord And much much more!!🌖 🌗You could find yourself in a constructive conversation, giving or receiving advice on deck building and or sharing your opinions about the Anime!! Put your deck and skills to the test and duel against fellow members or enter in server tournaments to get a chance to receive exclusive roles!🌘 🌑So join quickly and receive the limited role “The 100 Emperors” for the first 100 members to join!!🌒
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have fun