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Discord For Sombie's Worlds in VRChat
Gaming | Entertainment
Active Gaming Community Multiple gaming text channels multiple voice channels (simply ask mods to make more) Movie nights Active Moderators
Gaming | Meme
Basically a place where I post game updates, memes, memes, and memes.
Gaming | Community
Hello welcome to The Galaxy official server. Here is an amazing gaming community we currently have two servers up and running right now for minecraft and Scp SL. We have reached 100+ plus more and we are looking to grow more. There is always active chats and staff. Hope to see you here.
Community | Art
♦ Comics ♦ Social ♦ Fun ♦ Chill ♦ Creative ♦ QENjagy is a community server for an up-and-coming series of webcomics. We also have our own custom QENjagy bot with features like leveling, currency, item shop, collectibles, rewards for supporters and more! Looking for something new to get into? Do you like indie webcomics by Patreon creators? Come check out the Lawyer'd Comic Discord! We're the official Discord community of Lawyer'd series comics. Massive perks for early and continuing supporters! Unlock server-wide Premium with Nitro Boosts or subscribe on ♦ ♦ for Premium right away!
Community | Art
Hi, I'm Kat Kween! I make art and stuff and wanted to make a server for it. It's not entirely focused on my art tho, of course, I want it to be an awesome community of random people hangin out :3 Please check it out, it even has its own personal emojis and stuff!
Community | Entertainment
Uzumaki Khan Patreon
Gaming | Social
Hello, We recently made a patreon page and a Utip page! If you'd like to donate 3€ per months be free to go on Patreon for exclusive content! Or else you can go free and watch adverts on Utip!
Education | Science
This server about making Computer Science theory as easy as possible. Primarily we will focus on "automata theory", which mostly deals with regular languages, context-free languages, decidable languages, as well as undecidable languages. Other topics will be on the menu! Here I upload short videos about problems in these classes, and go over how to solve them as easily as possible (or to teach the concept in a simple way). I am a professor of Computer Science, and my goal is to teach CS Theory to as many people as possible. Patreon: Twitch: Mixer: Facebook: Twitter: Teespring: If you like this content, please consider subscribing to my channel!
Growth | Community
Star Advertising ☆••••••••••••◇••••••••••••☆ An advertising server build for community. We welcome all to join us!
Community | Entertainment
Professional Advertising Network. Many opportunities either free or paid.