Gaming | Entertainment
Active Gaming Community Multiple gaming text channels multiple voice channels (simply ask mods to make more) Movie nights Active Moderators
Community | Entertainment
A server focused in the minecraft Resource pack Another Vanilla PBR from curseforge, made by JoaquiX, server for patrons and public people
Gaming | Meme
Basically a place where I post game updates, memes, memes, and memes.
Community | Art
Hi, I'm Kat Kween! I make art and stuff and wanted to make a server for it. It's not entirely focused on my art tho, of course, I want it to be an awesome community of random people hangin out :3 Please check it out, it even has its own personal emojis and stuff!
Education | Science
This server about making Computer Science theory as easy as possible. Primarily we will focus on "automata theory", which mostly deals with regular languages, context-free languages, decidable languages, as well as undecidable languages. Other topics will be on the menu! Here I upload short videos about problems in these classes, and go over how to solve them as easily as possible (or to teach the concept in a simple way). I am a professor of Computer Science, and my goal is to teach CS Theory to as many people as possible. Patreon: Twitch: Mixer: Facebook: Twitter: Teespring: If you like this content, please consider subscribing to my channel!
Anime | Entertainment
*Yiff.Party Alternative* Sharing Patreon Content for free: Anime Reactions, Audios... This is a new server but we will grow over time.
Programming | Role-Playing
Patreon keys, Scripts Leaks, Anticheat Leaks... Dev support, premium anticheat, lifetime platinum key for 25€, argentum and aurum keys... Maps and MLOs premium leaks... More than 2 years of experience on lua programming,