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Это дискорд-сервер игрового проекта "ShybkaCraft". Доброе и активное коммьюнити лишь у нас. Мы имеем на данный момент сервер в Minecraft: Classic Server - классический сервер Майнкрафта, без приватов и без большого количества плагинов. Сервер построен на дружбе и доверии игроков. Наши игроки преобразовали сервер в полу-РП и очень любят строить свои города, деревушки, развивать их, торговаться и конкурировать с другими.
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This Server is for Gamers and probably game makers.
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Welcome to Gamer Girl Club! Heaven of the Gamer Girls - Yet we do also welcome all da dudes in because what would a party be without the guys? ╰──➤ We Offer ○ Dope roles for gaming and other purposes! ○ Gamer Girls UwU ○ People from all around the world! ○ Friendly Staff Team ○ Free advertising system and Partnership opportunities!
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Best place to chill out with your friends and la lot of fun gaming and cubing activities, Join the Gamers Region today!
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This world, Wecht, has 32 similarly sized countries, these countries were once at conflict due to lack of resources. It simply wasn't enough to share the resources out equally, countries did nothing but quarrel over who deserved what and why. To prevent an inevitable war, an allied government was formed between the countries, and their solution to the problem of resource shortages was decided. Every 2 years, each country would submit a team of it's finest, smartest, strongest, most agile residents between the ages of 16 and 18 inclusive into a year-long tournament bracket. Battles would pit two countries' fighters against each other to test their skills in combat, puzzle solving, strength, perseverance and more. If your team wins a battle, your country is moved onto the next round. If your team loses, your place on the bracket is finalized Where your country ends on the bracket will designate your countries overall share of the planet's resources for the next two years.
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It's a community server for fortnite and call of duty
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idk what this means.
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A server were we can hangout and support each other, and discover whats new! Lets take this journey together!
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