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Set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth. The supposedly only known survivors are the residents of "The Ark", twelve space stations in Earth's orbit that had banded together after the war. After the Ark's life-support systems are found to be failing, the 100 juvenile prisoners are declared to be "expendable" and are then sent down to Earth to determine if it is indeed habitable again. They land on Earth and find that they are able to breathe. There they meet the "Grounders", people who have been living on the ground for the last 97 years forming their own new culture and traditions in twelve separate clans all under the leadership of one commander. There are also the "Mountain Men" who live in a closed-off military bunker unable to leave for fear of dying in the radiation, using the grounders to supplement their blood supply. The 100 - Active Community - Lore - Great Plot - Troll Proof - Important ranks open!
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TristanDthX's discord server. Join on in if you want to keep in touch with me while I work on videos, streams, and anything else!
Role-Playing | Community
Redemption: AfterShock semi-realistic wolf roleplay that takes place in New Earth. Millions of years ago humans destroyed the world, nature has reclaimed what was once hers. There are many new species, evolved species, and even some that have come back from extinction. Although New Earth may seem like a haven filled with life, there are many dangers from natural disasters to terrifying monsters. The main focus of R.A.S, a pack of wolves known as the Velnias, homeless they wonder new earth in search of their own safe haven. Many adventures await the pack as they make their way through a new world. The main focus of this roleplay is survival and adventure. Currently, the server is still growing and expanding. We offer - Multiple characters - Unique Character Creations - advancement opportunities - Pack and Server Events and Rewards - Fun with Bots - And much More Come check us out!
Role-Playing | Anime
Solar Systars is a Sci-Fi fusion RP with a touch of space faring, a dash of cyberspace hijinks, a spritz of post apocalypse, a pinch of cyberpunk hellscape, and a lot of lasers. Though aliens, robots, mutants, and mechs are all fair game, god-like super characters are not. No immortal space furries here. Skilled characters will be skilled because they've practiced their craft, not because they were born with super powers. This server places emphasis on literacy, organization, lore, and most importantly: character driven scenes~! There is a dice-based combat system, but it is simple, and merely functional to eliminate combative god-modding. It is avoidable if you lack interest in PvP. Story is priority, not consistently one-upping each other. The server is 18+ to ensure all players are mature, competent, and literate adults. While we do allow for ERP, this isn't a server where you merely meet up and diddle people in your DMs. You must engage with the canon and play in server.