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au server looking to grow community and trying to build up for tournaments with cash prizes, also if u want to stop solo q'ing come join and make some new friends
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Hong Kong
Gaming | Social
If you play Rainbow 6 siege, you need to join this server! Find new players and talk with tons of other people who love R6 too!
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This server is a chill hangout, where you can talk about your interests and hopefully make some friends. (well when more people join atleast)
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Rainbow Six Siege
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Clube de Rainbow 6 é o único servidor do Discord que possibilita selecionar a sua plataforma (PC, PS4 e Xbox) e jogar filtrado pelo mesmo.
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350+ Members | Rainbow 6 siege | Rust | Survival Games | Strategy games | And other great games | Giveaways! |
Gaming | Social
We are a small community server that was created to have fun both talking, and playing games. If you want a cool place to hang out, listen to music, talk, and/or game, then join The Tavern!
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RSC is a Rainbow Six Community, made to connect other players from any region to their own, you simply react to your region!
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Currently working on giveaways🎁✨
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fun for all gamers and memers
Gaming | Entertainment
A multi-game community, primarily for PC Rainbow Six Siege players. We play casual and ranked games, hold community events and tournaments, as well as focus on helping to build each of our skills. We are a community focused at having fun while getting better at the games we play. Join today and make some friends!
La cabane à Buck est une communauté québécoise de Rainbow Six Siege. Venez nous rencontrer !
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-Find teams -Make teams -Advertise teams -Meet & Help people -Memes -Staff
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What is brnl for something. Ok let me tell you. Brnl is a gaming/chating server for gamers and poggers :) Brnl is a very new server We do giveaways WE LOVE MEMES We dont like bullys and shity people hope you like it here you pogger if we grow we will add more voice channels and more giveaways