au server looking to grow community and trying to build up for tournaments with cash prizes, also if u want to stop solo q'ing come join and make some new friends
Esports Organization specifying in Rocket League with teams in North America and Europe. Teams vary in skill level from Diamond 1 to Grand Champion. Other games in our organization include Fortnite, CSGO, Apex Legands, and Rainbow 6 Sieige.
One stop destination for anything related to Competitive Rainbow Six Siege in India! From ESL India Tournament updates to Community help Tournaments, from popular Indian R6 Streamers to Beginners!
Hello and Welcome to Relax&chill we are a small server looking to just make People Relax some and Chill with us .We also play game like Titanfall2 on PC and Xbox well on the PC side of thing we Play Depp rock Galactic,destiny 2 and rainbow 6 siege.All are welcome to join us
we play a lot of games though we primarily focus on rainbow 6 siege
ATR is a gaming community. I am trying to start and host Rainbow6: Siege teams. In if you're interested in joining a team, or if you have you're own, Other than that we play games and make friends.
This server is based largely around Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege as those are the games I play the most. However, I want the server to be a social hub as well where people can chat and find whatever other mutual games they want to play. Currently, I am working on organizing a Pixelmon (or otherwise SMP Minecraft) server. Join, chat, and have fun!
In this server you can expect to find a bunch of other dedicated and casual Rainbow 6 players! Come find your next squad today!
Based around Rainbow 6 Siege. No age requirement. Maturity is key.
We are a Team who have been playing battlefield BFV , APEX, COD, R6S and many other games, we are very friendly people from all over the world. please feel free to introduce your self to our members and server Admins. There is no need for applications to join our team, All we ask is you join in with us when you can and have fun
If you're looking to join a respectable community this might be the place! Its small for now but with your help it'll grow.
Relaxed active server with active admins! We play Rainbow 6 Siege, Rust, Minecraft, GTA V, and so much more! We have fun events monthly and are a small and tightly knit community that is always open to new members!
The home of Twitch streamer Rhysyboy2799. Don't be a jerk and you'll be welcome here :)
Comunidad en activo crecimiento en la que encontrarás muchos de tus juegos favoritos!! Y si no los encuentras solo tienes que pedirlos para que tu y todos los que los jugáis podáis disfrutar de vuestras salas! Tenemos distintos bots de música para que podáis disfrutar de buena música mientras jugáis!! También tenemos bot para memes, encuestas y mucho más!!
Welcome to Shea2ube's Server!!! Here you can talk in Voice Channels, Text Channels and make new friends. 𝙍𝙐𝙇𝙀𝙎 1.) No Harrasing or Bullying in form 2.) No self promoting outside of #promote-your-stuff🤑 3.) Do Not Spam 4.) Do Not Send Nudity or any form of it 5.) Do Not Send any of yours or others personal information 6.) Please Respect the Owner and Mods of the Server 7.) Lastly Have FUN!!! 𝙎𝙊𝘾𝙄𝘼𝙇𝙎 ☛​̳𝙎​̳𝙝​̳𝙚​̳𝙖​̳'​̳𝙨​̳ ​̳𝙎​̳𝙤​̳𝙘​̳𝙞​̳𝙖​̳𝙡​̳𝙨 ̳☚ Youtube: Twitch: Twitter:
A small streamer's server mainly involved with Minecraft and Rainbow 6 siege. Please join if you'd like!
A small streamer's server mainly involved with Minecraft and Rainbow 6 siege. Please join if you'd like!
Das ist ein einfacher deutscher Rainbow six siege Server um zu zocken. Wir möchten auf allen Rängen vertreten sein. Es würde uns freuen wenn ihr joint.
140+ cute n' quirky emotes | Giveaways | Hiring staff | Events | Bots galore | Reward Roles via MEE6's premium leveling system | Nitro Boosted
Gaming, Community, Youtube, Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA5, Rainbow Six Siege, RS6, Rocket League
Here you can talk to others who watch CodyTheCaster videos about whatever you so please. Inviting other people or friends IS ALLOWED.
Overall this discord is a place where people can link up and play their favorite games with new people, or just chill and have a good time. From tournaments to literally a channel meant for memes, this channel will always keep you entertained. Hope you enjoy!
This server is a server were people can have fun and watch my streams The server has been dead for a long time but i hope it starts to go up in numbers and theres memes!
[PC / NA / 18+ for sensitive material] My personal server, full of different emotes and people with a lot of different opinions. We have 100+ emotes for your leisure. We offer self assignable roles for games. We play: —Overwatch (US region) —Animal Crossing —Deep Rock Galactic —Rainbow 6 Siege and others
StrangeGG Esports We are an up-and-coming Esports Team. StrangeGG is currently looking for competitive players and content creators. We are planning to get into CS:GO, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch, PUBG, Apex, and many more to come. If you would like to grind out for our team or apply for the team join our discord and follow the steps! Follow us on twitter @StrangeGG_ to be updated!We have dedicated coaches and staff that are motivated to grow the Esports team! We are also providing a free twitch overlays.We have a couple sponsorships right now which are JerkyPro and Rogue Energy we have two pending sponsorships with GFuel and GamerSupps. All we ask is for you to put the same dedication we all put in whatever you are in the team for.
Hey! Du suchst Leute zum Rainbow zocken? Dann joine gerne auf unseren Discord-Server. Wir sind eine freundliche, aktive Community mit Spielern auf jedem Rang. Wir helfen Neulingen gerne mit Tipps, Einstellungen usw. Also falls du interessiert bist schau gerne mal vorbei wir freuen uns auf dich. ;) MFG Mikka PS: hier der Einladungslink zum Server :
A Rainbow 6 Siege server who's purpose is to bring players together for ranked and etc. We are hoping for active players to join and help us grow. Thank you for choosing Team Stryker!