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❗❗❗ Only For Hungarians ❗❗❗ Halihó! 👋 Üdvözöllek téged a Paradise City közösségi ajánlójában. Mi egy folyamatosan fejlödő szerver vagyunk ahol igyekszünk kiaknázni a Discord adta lehetőségeket, hogy jó élményeket garantálhassunk. Ezért a szerverünk 80%-a automatizálva van botokkal, hogy leegyszerűsítsük még a kis dolgokat is. 🎮 Föbb Játékaink listája: - Rainbow Six Siege🎯 - Path of Exile🏹 - Phasmophobia👻 A játékaink listája állandóan bővül, úgyhogy ha eddig solo-ztál és felhagynád azt a rossz szokást akkor még társat is találhatsz nálunk. Amiket elvárunk: - Minimum 16 legyél vagy azon felül, - belépéskor a #alap-szabályzat elolvasása/értelmezése, - NE légy troll ( lent a pincében), - trágár szövegek kerülése ha lehetséges, - a kialakított szobák rendeltetés szerű használata. Köszönjük hogy rászántad az időt hogy végig olvastad és ha elnyertük a tetszésedet akkor várunk sok szeretettel a szerverünkre!👊
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Buenas, os presento un servidor de Rainbow 6 español. Es muy nuevo asi que estamos abiertos a sugerencias.
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Mainly for Rainbow six siege
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!!!Come play games and do random stuff with us!!!
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A chill server to hang out with people, play games and vibe
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Guten Tag zusammen, Das Serverteam von Rape Gaming begrüßt euch gerne auf unserem Server. Auf unserem Server könnt ihr Casino gegen Langeweile spielen. Unter anderem spielt die Community von uns so gut wie alle Spiele, von Rainbow, Csgo bis hin zu Forza Horizon 4. Wir verlosen auch in regelmäßigen Abständen Accounts von unterschiedlichen Sachen (z.B. GTA oder auch Spotify). Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Das Team von Rape Gaming
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Hey! Are you a gamer? Of course you are, you're looking for discord servers! Only BOOMERS don't game anyway.. I've created this discord server with a few friends and I, and we are looking to expand! We have an active, yet small community, of friends who play games together! I hope you enjoy your stay in my lounge! -Bolth
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Welcome to the discord! Sit down, relax, and please make yourself at home. Here on Cloud Nation, we strive to be the best community we can be. Our goal is to have active and friendly members, as well as a variety of games to play. Some of the games we play are Overwatch, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Minecraft. Of course, if you don't play any of these, don't worry! You are still welcome to join! In addition, we also have channels for anime if you're into that kind of stuff. We encourage you to talk with the other members in the chat and get to know them. If you have any questions, our staff team works hard to make sure everything stays in check. They'll be more than happy to help you out with anything.
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An open Discord community mainly focused on gaming! Includes fun bots, opportunity for promotion, a casino and much more!
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rainbow six seige discord to have fun and play with friends and to make friends on seige
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Gameboys and girls is a small gaming server. It's currently still wip but we are about to finish it soon. With lots of games, news and funny puns (like our name) we want to bring some joy to your gaming life. Most people on this dc are german but can talk english and even a tiny bit french so don't be shy and join us. We're happy to meet you soon. And as always glhf :)
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Rainbow 6 siege server
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"Hey Rainbow Six Siege players, Registration for R6s Server Showdown TOURNAMENT(APAC) is open now till 30 -10-2020, join and Register now with your team or Form a team"
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We are a cult of gamers, dedicated to the glory of Astolfo! Come and join us if you have the strength...
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Wir sind ein kleiner Server mit noch relativ wenigen Usern, jedoch versuchen wir uns zu vergrößern. Wir nehmen jeden User sehr nett auf und heißen jeden willkommen. Wir haben auch ein eigenes Minispiel namens "Der Preis ist Reis". Die Erklärung gibt es auf dem Server! Ihr könnt euch den Server gerne anschauen. :) --------------------------------------------------------- Wir haben: ➥ Eigenes Minispiel auf Discord (Der Preis ist reis, jeden Abend um 20 Uhr) ➥ NSFW Channel ➥ eine LGBTQ+ freundliche Community ➥ Akzeptieren jeden! ➥ Benutzerfreundliches Layout ➥ Giveaways & Events (Nächstes Giveaway ab 100 Mitgliedern) ➥ Costum Emotes ➥ Freundliche Community ➥ Zuverlässigen Support --------------------------------------------------------- Server ➽ GIF ➽ ---------------------------------------------------------
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Un Server Community dedicato solo ed esclusivamente a Rainbow Six Siege, per Console Player & PC Player, dove potrai cercare persone per Rankare o per passatempo! Vi Aspettiamo
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No toxic people are allowed. No trollers in general, if we have suspicion against you for throwing on purpose we will ban you. 16+ of age required to join. This server is made for players who play on PC version of the game.
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Welcome to Rainbow 6: Furry 🐾 We are a newly created furry community that is dedicated towards Rainbow 6 Siege and are looking for other furries to join us! Whether you are here to chat or looking to people to play with, feel free to join if you enjoy the R6 passion as we do!