European Dance Gamers Icon
Gaming | Community
THE place for the European dance gamers! Come and talk with us about anything and everything this magnificent sport/game can offer.
Lonely and want cuddles Icon
Community | LGBT
Lonely and want cuddles is a friendly server based on the steam group of the same name make frens cuddle and talk about stuff
Rhythm Haven Icon
Gaming | Anime
Rhythm Haven is a community for all things Rhythm Games: Rayark (cytus, voez, etc.), osu!, lanota, acraea, benmani games and more! Come and share your thoughts and Highscores! We have multiple Chanels for talking about all kinds of rhythm games!
🥁 TAICULT 🥁 Icon
Gaming | Community
A Taiko no Tatsuin server for fun and chill. With low moderation, No people trying to hit on you and an active but small community.
The Rhythm Pad Icon
Community | Gaming
Welcome to The Rhythm Pad! This server is for casual (as well as experienced, of course) rhythm game players, mainly for: Osu!, Project Diva and Friday Night Funkin'! However, we do also want to explore lots of other rhythm games, so don't be shy and come chat. Here you can meet people to play with, share videos of your own or others you look up to, share beatmaps and skins for Osu! and more. You can also talk about Vocaloids or your favourite music, share it and make fan art too! We will also hold Osu! events for people to come join weekly.