The fastest Guitar Hero III you'll ever get, with file association, windowed mode, downloads and all other sorts of cool features!
Gaming | Community
THE place for the European dance gamers! Come and talk with us about anything and everything this magnificent sport/game can offer.
Community | LGBT
Lonely and want cuddles is a friendly server based on the steam group of the same name make frens cuddle and talk about stuff
Music | Gaming
We are a developing, friendly community that welcomes all sorts of members! We have (and welcome): 🔥An array of producers (edm, music, all genres of music) 🔥Artists (digital, paintings, etc.) 🔥YouTubers/content creators We also play a lot of games (mainly dank memer, pokecord) both in discord, and mobile games, and have giveaways, events and contests coming soon inside this server!
Community | Gaming
A community server, mainly focused on all rhythm games!
Gaming | Anime
Rhythm Haven is a community for all things Rhythm Games: Rayark (cytus, voez, etc.), osu!, lanota, acraea, benmani games and more! Come and share your thoughts and Highscores! We have multiple Chanels for talking about all kinds of rhythm games!
Gaming | LGBT
Our server is for robeats players or any other rhythm game players who want to get into these kinds of games or are already playing these games! We accept all LGBTQ+!
Music | Gaming
Fragments of Notalium is a mostly SFW discord server for Arcaea and Lanota players to discuss songs, lore, and occionally memes. You don't have to play both games to be welcome!