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Introvert Sanctuary is a Discord community that serves as a safe haven for all kinds of introverts out there to get together and face all the problems out in the real world.
Social | Support
Ein Server für alle deutschsprachigen mit Social Anxiety, Tapferkeits-Levelsystem, Kummerkasten, Freunde finden, 100% gleichgesinnte mit den gleichen Problemen, 0% Verurteilungen. Wir freuen uns auf dich :)
Gaming | Community
SAD RPG : A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game is an experimental indie computer RPG game about social anxiety. It's an unexpectedly colourful, weird and full of surprises journey with our own story about dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder. Join our Discord server to get more informations about SAD RPG game and talk about social anxiety.
My server for socially anxious people like myself. We can talk about games, anime, manga and pretty much anything you feel like. Don't feel anxious about joining or being ignored because we're all anxious here! (And if you do I will personally talk to you, just DM me and we'll talk there) Even if you're a complete stranger, I still care about you!!! So please join if you've had enough of being sad and lonely and need a friend or two to talk to.