LGBT | Support
A fun, safe support group for any problem, issue, or trauma! It has very strict rules for everyone's safety, but we are a very loving, open-minded community. Safety is our top priority, with individual chats to avoid triggering topics, and several spaces to go that are trigger free, or to go after a particularly hard support session! Suggestions are always open: make the server your home! We're here for you always~
Support | Mature
A SFW 16+ mental health support server for people looking to have someone to talk to, a support group, and celebrate our differences. You can come here to vent. Let's talk it out ♡
LGBT | Community
A server for all trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people! We have Pluralkit, which lets people track multiple people living in their body at once. We're also very autism-friendly and quite lax on rules. All we ask is that you don't throw slurs around and don't post gore!! With love, Punchy <3