Hobbies | Sports
A community built around the best hobby ever; Sports Cards! Come trade, buy, sell, and even win cards.
Hobbies | Sports
Join our Discord group for sports card collectors, Bob's Card Market. Discord offers many features that other services don't, that are beneficial for us collectors. We can keep things organized, talk live, stream live and much much more. We have monthly giveaways where entries are determined by your activity in the group. We do Bid Battles, which are live auctions where you bid on cards against others in live voice chat. We keep track of member feedback to offer security when making a deal. We are just getting started and are growing everyday. Anyone collector is welcome...join us!
Hobbies | Sports
Specializing in Sports Card Breaks, Group Breaks, Personal Breaks and More. Buy/Sale/Trade As well
Sports | Hobbies
This is a brand new server for Baseball and sports fans alike we have multiple channels for gaming, MLB conversations and selling or showing off you trading cards!
Community | Hobbies
Flips, Cards, Sneakers, auctions, investments, giveaways, top shot, Fire Sales, Pokemon.
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A fun hangout place to talk about all types of trading card games and collectibles, such as Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Sports cards, Funko Pops, and more. Learn about the latest news and information about your passion here.