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Featured on Yahoo Finance and Benzinga. Interviewed by WSJ for being one of the fastest growing discord servers of over 8900 members. Learn how to day trade/invest. Community of like-minded individuals. LIVE trading during trading hours! Mentoring, Alerts, Option Sweep platform available.
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💰 LEARN & EARN! 💰 AfterHrs is home to the most elite traders in the world. Find out how we teach our members to make money through trading. Our chat room provides: 💠 Watchlists posted every day 💠 Signals when to buy and sell 💠 Education filled with advanced tools to further out your options trading 💠 Bots for advanced charting purposes 💠 Chat Room with like-minded members who are willing to learn just like you This place will help build your portfolio no matter your current standing. Whether it be $100 or $10,000. We do take trading seriously, and we want everybody to be successful.
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Welcome to your chance to create the financial future you deserve. You'll find something for everyone here from the stock market for beginners to how to buy stocks. From passive income and side hustle ideas to the best investments in dividend stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. We love talking about all things money.
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The best fucken stock trading server you will find. FREE give aways. Free ALOT get it alllllll
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MCR Trading is a welcoming community for any level of Trader! Feel free to come and share your knowledge and analysis of the Markets! There are channels for you to text and talk about your preferred Trading style and potential set ups! Come and join the fun and discussion!
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YurStocks focus's on the education of Investing/Trading. We are a place of guidance and support from a Like-Minded community. As you are on your way to financial security, You will learn topics such as; How to get started, Investment/Trading strategies, as well as personal development skills.
Investing | Financial
-FREE DAILY DAILY OPTIONS ALERTS! -OPTIONS CHAT -STOCK CHAT -CRYPTO CHAT We are a fast growing Investment community! Whether you are new or experienced to investing, we've got over 240+ people ready to help you on your journey! Join our MMM team today!
Investing | Financial
We are a free options/stock trading server that is specifically designed for beginners. Come join the winning team. Free access at no cost. CHECK OUR REVIEWS, HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE CAN'T BE WRONG. -Penny stocks -Daily watchlist -Day and Swing alerts -Lottos -Daily Watchlist
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Bullseye Traders is an experienced group consisting of full-time traders and analysts of the stock market. Our community is a place to get the latest alerts on what stocks to purchase(day, swing, options trading) and get to know like-minded individuals attempting to gain knowledge and money in the stock market.
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We are a respectful & supportive investing community. Growth for all new and experienced investors. We help one another with callouts, entries, and exits. We even got deep research documents. We do have a Patreon promotion as well. $5 limited monthly Patreon for access to extra callouts, a connection deeper within the community, and research docs.
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InvestHill is a server for people interested in long-term investing in the stock market. We pick individual stocks based on their value and fundamental analysis to ensure they will provide us returns. + Free stock recommendation every week!
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We bank off stocks and crypto by combining our trading styles and family environment. You become a part of the family joining our server; since we are in pre-launch you have exclusive access to bot and all the knowledge from 6-8 figure traders. Copy&paste trades so you can earn while you learn.
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Welcome to Golden Income, a budding server dedicated to helping other Discord users make money in individual brackets of subscriptions/upgrade paths, or with a dedicated free users space to help people get started! You are a gold particle in a river and must gather gold residue to become larger and larger nuggets until you can be refined into a Gold Bar. Or, if you already are loaded, you begin your journey as a Diamond Particle instead, and build yourself all the way up to being a Supreme Diamond! We use Donate Bot to help you upgrade. If you have suggestions for the products on the Donate Bot shop, feel free to let the staff know.
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Waldridge Investments is a small but personalized discord community. We guide and teach each other about the fundamentals of stock market trading. We also teach the basics of reselling and give out free alerts at potential buys. Our gains are steady and impressive, we showcase everything we've made together. Help us grow by becoming apart of our community. We all make it big together.