Grup Indonesia yang membahas mengenai game (online maupun offline) dari semua platform, selain itu kamu juga membahas anime, manga, film, dan tokusatsu. Role: Leveled Role, Purchase Role, dan Game Role (Platform, Game Distribusi, Game Online PC/Console, Game Online Mobile, dan Game Online Emulator) Channel Update Info: #update-game-online #berita-terbaru (game, anime, manga, film, dan tokusatsu) #trailer-terbaru (game, anime, dan film) #rilisan-terbaru (sementara hanya game) Channel Perpustakaan: #search-database (game, anime, film, dan tv series) #cek-statistik-game-online Bot Game (bisa request kalau belum ada): -Tatsumaki -OwO -EnderBot -IdleRPG -RPG BOT -Koya -Pokéverse -Paisley Park -astolfo bot -Mudae -WaifuBot -Mantaro -Nadeko
A place where LGBT fans of tokusatsu shows and movies such as Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and more can all meet in one place to talk about weekly releases, past seasons, favorite characters and headcanons, etc.
Find yourself in a brand new world, the world of OASIS, as you try to escape the pathetic world known as reality. CUSTOM SHOP SYSTEM Allowing yourself to become a custom Rider, you can choose from a wide arsenal of canon and fan items to arm yourself in OASIS. FAN ITEMS: Allows for Riders to have more unique ways of customizing their Kamen Rider experience.
Vem participar do chat mais legal de Tokusatsu da internet! Aqui temos atualizações, links, notícias e novidades dos seus Tokusatsu favoritos!
Rider Time was created on April 6th 2019 and since then has remained consistently active with regular updates as well as an incredibly active staff. Our server is primarily for roleplay, but we have an active community around fan theories, art, gaming and many other things! In short, there is a bit of everything for anyone and our channels are set up in such a way you can ignore roleplay on this server, if you so wish! While we understand there’s many Kamen Rider servers out there, we would be honored if you were to join our community and help spread the Kamen Rider love with us! Many of us don’t have irl friends that love Kamen Rider, so, more company is always welcome! Plus, we’re sponsored by Z A I A and have the freshest Gai memes. In addition to the features not listed here, we have a Minecraft server, VRchat adventures, Cards Against Humanity fun and plenty of other things on our server! We really don’t stick to just one thing here... XD