Gaming | Community
Gezellige Community waarin veel mensen zitten die verschillende games spelen, waaronder Minecraft, CS:GO, Fortnite, Town of Salem etc.
Gaming | Community
This server is ONLY for people who play "Town of Salem". The server is organized and you can always hop in and have a game with buddies while voice chatting. Yes, forget your exams.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Join over 14k community members of "Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit", a tabletop/social deduction game.
Community | Gaming
The Common Room is a Harry Potter themed Community that primarily is made up of Overwatch gamers while hosting other games as well. Come support your Hogwarts house and game! We also have a rp channel as well! We also support streamers!
Gaming | Social
A fun, cool gaming community (or just a community for anyone to chill). Just starting out this server. Very small at the moment, but will grow!! We have several gaming roles, meaning gamers unite, and will take in requests!
Gaming | LGBT
🌼2 RULES BEFORE YOU JOIN!🌼 --💯There are a few more that are server related, but those are listed in the server itself. ⒈ YOU MUST be 13-25 years old. If we found out you're lying about your age, you will be banned ⒉ DONT send images of NSFW or any kind of EXPLICIT content
Entertainment | Gaming
A fun server where you can talk to a lot of friendly people and find something you can enjoy!