Social | Community
A server for fans of the TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.
Entertainment | Hobbies
One of the major ships in Carmen Sandiego (2019)! Come join us for discussions and banter.
Community | Entertainment
Do you watch Netflix ? Then MYFLIX is the right community for you. MYFLIX is a Community of Netflix lovers, movies & TV & Anime! Enjoy a wide range of interactive features and Netflix related content with cheerful & passionate people!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
A dc universe roleplay.
Art | Entertainment
Discord server based off the upcoming new animated series S.A.L.E.M, created by full-time artist Samantha Sawyer! Join our community of over 150 members today!
Community | Social
A discord server for all fans of the Lucifer TV series
Streaming | Entertainment
This server is for fans of The CW's DC television show "The Flash"! You can make casual conversations, chat about the other DCTV shows, or theorize ideas about new episodes!
Community | Technology
A film, book, video game, tv show server
Entertainment | Community
Talk about the 90s sitcom Friends
Entertainment | Hobbies
Join this server to talk about Chasulia!
Entertainment | Community
The r/PandR Parks and Recreation Community Discord server!
Music | Social
Join "Big Time Rushers," a community of Big Time Rush stans! On this server you can: -Meet and talk to fellow Rushers! -Share/see BTR memes! -Promote your BTR content! -Compete in BTR games/events!
Social | Entertainment
╰── we're a new and fairly active server based around the tv show supernatural! ﹒﹒﹒please feel free to join and become a part of our family!! ┈╮