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Social | Furry | LGBT
Hello! We are a furry safespace where all furs and allies can come to meet new people, chat and have a good time!
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Furtastic Furries Icon
Social | Furry | LGBT
Hello! We are a furry safespace where all furs and allies can come to meet new people, chat and have a good time!
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Art | Hobbies
do you like to wear clothing? do you like indie fashion such as lolita, goth or maybe vintage fashions like victorian or rockabilly? well this place is perfect for you, a friendly and supportive community all about aesthetics
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Music | Technology
Hello , i have created a discord server dedicated to cassettes and cassette decks! I ve created this because i ve seen many people that asked for one. On this discord server pornographic content is NOT ALLOWED! You will get BANNED if you share any of that content! We have different channels for different topics, voice chats , a section where you choose your favorite tape deck manufacturer and your favorite cassette manufacturer and much more! If you'd like to join our discord server , click the join button If you are maybe a little bit older , and don't really know how discord is , we have friendly staff that will walk you through!
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Gaming | Community
We are a community of racers, which race the GPL-Mod and other vintage cars in Assetto Corsa. We offer, races, events and championship seasons. To fit the community needs we have a website, a Facebook-Site, a Discord Server, a Forum and of course an Assetto Corsa Server (24/7) with the GPL-Mod installed. More information can be found on our website: https://tarnhoerner.de/ Or via our Discord channel: https://discord.me/THRacing Feel free to join! P.S.: We race on different tracks every weekend.
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Technology | Gaming
Retro Computers, Commodore, C64, Amiga, Apple
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Role-Playing | Community
There is a town perceptually stuck in the 1930s, forgotten by time. Greatly affected by the Great Depression this town is accepting new residents. A RP server focused on the 1930s and daily living. Struggle to live, to work and to survive.
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Gaming | Programming
Team Fortress 2 Vintage is an community created, open source version of Team Fortress 2. https://www.moddb.com/mods/team-fortress-2-vintage https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TF2_Vintage
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Gaming | Community
Welcome to our little corner of Discord! Here, we talk about pretty much anything to do with gaming on any system. But with the main systems being retro/old. Retro PC games are also welcome. Come, join us! I hope you'll enjoy your stay.
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Gaming | Social
Vintage Racing community for Assetto Corsa.
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Technology | Community
A merry band of internet veterans with a 20 year history. Whether you want to learn from the graybeards, make new friends, reminisce about when the internet was good, or just post, you'll be welcome here!
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Technology | Hobbies
A discord server for vintage Apple enthusiasts and collectors. We discuss retro Macs and Classic Mac OS. If you collect Compact Macintosh computers (or PowerBooks, Macintosh II, or any PowerPC/Motorola 68k Mac) or if you're just fascinated by the Macintosh, don't hesitate to join our Vintage Apple discord server. P.s. NeXT is also welcome to our Vintage Apple server.
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Gaming | Hobbies
Active and friendly server for arcade machine collectors and enthusiasts, we'd love to have you! Pull up a stool at a cocktail or candy cab and grab a beer, we're the arcade friends you've been looking for.