Community | Social | Bot
Meaningless social server with a focus on gossip, nostalgia, and general chatting. No power structures, in-groups, or favoritism.
Technology | Entertainment
Beatz Nation is a group of YouTube channels based on Beats.
Community | Technology
Void Linux is an independent Linux distribution that uses the X Binary Package System (XBPS) package manager, which was designed and implemented from scratch, and the runit init system. Excluding binary kernel blobs, a base install is composed entirely of free software, but users can access an official non-free repository to install proprietary software.
Gaming | Writing
Welcome to the Pale! This is a server which lies in existential limbo! Come to stay, tell stories, play some video games, and chat about god knows anything! We are currently under construction, please give us your ideas in the appropriate text channel, as it will mold the identity of the server in the future! Otherwise, enjoy your time in the void!
Community | Entertainment
Chill, Hangout, New, NSFW, Dating, Bots, Friends, Make, Make Friends, Gaming, Fornite, Roblox, Minecraft, Discord, Void
eSports | Gaming
Void is an ambitious, rapidly growing multi-gaming e-sports clan! We are centered around competitive gaming as well as a feeling of membership among our community. This means that joining Void is more impactful than your average clan; joining Void means joining a family of friendly and dedicated members. Hosting tournaments, discovering new talented players, and creating entertaining content is our central goal, and we hope to be the place where you spend your time.