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Discuss and play wargames from the tactical to operational levels! If you have an interest in gaming or military history you should enjoy here. We cater for Grognard games and in particular - Gary Grigsby - John Tiller - Flashpoint Campaigns - The Operational Art of War ( TOAW ) - Command Operations - Graviteam Tactics - Armored Brigade - Steel Panthers - Field of Glory - AGEOD and many other games by independent developers. Find opponents to play with and other players to advise and guide. Questions and answers with latest news on the titles. Private channels to follow and advise on games by others or for you.
Tabletop | Hobbies
Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish is a fan made tabletop game that uses 1/144 gunpla as figures. TTS mod is also present. Here you can search for people to play with, ask questions about the game, talk about gunpla and other random things, share gundam memes at last :D If you're a gundam or wargaming fan, join us and you'll not regret it!
Community | Gaming
La Communauté RicoDelta est un Groupe MultiGaming parmi tant d'autres... Mais avec du FUNNN. Vous aurez l'occasion ici de rencontrer beaucoup de joueurs et de pouvoir jouer en groupe dans une bonne ambiance familiale !
Military | eSports
Легендарный танковый шутер. Сражайся в командных боях 7 на 7 в одиночку или с друзьями, исследуй и улучшай бронетехнику, пробуй разные тактики и побеждай.
Gaming | Community
GOLB: is suitable for players with A family life where the time spent gaming needs to be a place to chill with other mature players and get a good old belly laugh. We have enough grey hair in our clan to realize Life is Short!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to an unofficial Discord server for World of Tanks platooning and teamplay on the EU server (PC).
Gaming | Community
[World of Warships] [EU-NL] Nederlandse Community voor spelers op world of warships! - Chat - Divisions - Hulp van spelers uit de top clans EU. - Actieve updates over de supertest.
Tabletop | Hobbies
A server for Warhammer 40k fans in the Chicago Area for both table-top and lore other table top games are welcome!
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(join at your own risk)