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A for fun server to chat and play games.
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Gaming | Community
Hello! Nintendo Palace is a server in which you can talk about Nintendo consoles, or even other games! Come play with us! =)
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Gaming | Sports
SPLATOON / 2 A Discord server for both Splatoon for Wii U and Splatoon 2. Official announcements We have a channel where we receive Nintendo official announcements for Splatoon 2. Rotations We also have a channel where we get map rotations for Splatoon 2 and also for the SplatNet 2 gear shop. Self-assignable roles We have 70 self-assignable roles for stuff like main weapon, favourite colour, in-game character, ranks for every mode, pronouns, game modes... Mode roles You can ping game mode roles and find players to play with. Media channels You can share your tweets, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, memes and artwork in our media channels. Question Of The Day We have dialy suestions (QOTD) and a channel for answers. Pick the QOTD role to get pinged every day. Emojis Enjoy our exclusive Splatoon emojis. Voice channels We have voice channels for every mode in the game, use them whenever you want.
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Entertainment | Community
Ce serveur Discord est un Discord communautaire avec comme thème la WII U. Caractéristiques : - Staff à l’écoute - Grade pour chaques jeux - Membres actifs Nous vous accueillons avec plaisir dans cette communauté ! Cordialement Rémi09.
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We're a community of Nintendo gamers that play all sorts of Nintendo games. Come on by if you are a Nintendo gamer and want to play with others or you can share screenshots/videos of your progress in games. What we have: - Role Assignment channel - Categorized channels - Automatic post feed channels (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Auto Posts role) - NSFW channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get NSFW role) - Music channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Music role) - Friendly Staff and Admins and much more!
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This discord supports any Nintendo CoD DS, WII, WIIU, ect. *Friendly, active server! Over 1000 members *Advice on patch updates *MWR deranked accounts restored