Wild Rift Magyar Discord-ja
Art | Role-Playing
We are a calm room focused on growing our ranks and having fun. We have several artists, writers, and meme-makers. Come get to know us!
Community | Streaming
A fun & chill community with streamers etc in it.
Gaming | Technology
Our Discord Server Is Packed with Players And Online Bots That Will Assist You With Your Every Need~ Why Shold You Join This Server Over Others You Ask? We Offer {Lagg-Free} Gameplay, Action Packed SkyBlock And Giveaways! *Who Doesnt Like Free Stuff?xd Join Our Server Today To Recieve 5 *Free "Legendary Crate Keys"! Along With Other Cool Stuff. ALL you Have To do Is Simply Invite 5 People To The Server, make Sure they Do -Invite {Your-Name} In Chat. This is A 60% Skybloxk Server. Along With 40% Random Fun Activities!xd ♧Free Giveaway-Join Discord To Join ♡Survival ==>> Build A Base, Hold It/Defend With Your Friends, "invite Them To Join Bluelite" ♤Skyblock ==>> How Long Can You Survive On A Island, With Given Resources? Wait Theires An Island Nearby, Lets Explore! Our Server Vote Link: "Vote For GreatRewards *Keys" Server IP: Server Port: 25558 When Applying, Join Discord- Toggle To #Apply
Gaming | eSports
Hi. This is Sidhartha " WilD \ ChaCha " Dash. A random gamer from Odisha currently settled at Hyderabad. I've played so many games and always try to learn to become a Pro. I do live stream daily on my youtube channel, Games like Pubg, Clash of Clans, Clash Royales & so many awesome games. So, if you are reading this, then smash that SUBSCRIBE button and hit the bell icon so that you can get updates when I am online. I want you guys to be on my stream daily. All my social media links are in my video description. I am basically a " Sniper " but sometimes I become an assaulter and always in a support or scout role. Check my videos like them Business Mail: Wild1ChaCha Donation Link: Discord: FB:
Entertainment | Anime
We are fun, wild, chill driven server! Slowly but surely growing in popularity. If you've ever heard of subliminals oh we are definitely the place for you! Also enjoy, anime, k-pop and memes!~ <3
Role-Playing | Art
A role play for all those who love horses, delve into the world of wild horses
Community | Anime
Join BIZARRE WORL for chill convos | 😤 heated debates 😤 | WILD after hours | 🍥 BIG ANIME TALK 🍥 | Video games + server games | 🎵 Music 🎵 | Art | 🎥 Movie nights and more! 🎥 | WARNING: We tend to say offensive things (in a joking manner). We appreciate feedback and suggestions. 😄