Wild Rift Magyar Discord-ja
Art | Role-Playing
We are a calm room focused on growing our ranks and having fun. We have several artists, writers, and meme-makers. Come get to know us!
Role-Playing | Gaming
⚡ Bem-Vindo ao Wild Alliance Roleplay ⚡ Ao entrares no discord lê as regras e as devidas informações. Bom RP.
Gaming | Technology
Our Discord Server Is Packed with Players And Online Bots That Will Assist You With Your Every Need~ Why Shold You Join This Server Over Others You Ask? We Offer {Lagg-Free} Gameplay, Action Packed SkyBlock And Giveaways! *Who Doesnt Like Free Stuff?xd Join Our Server Today To Recieve 5 *Free "Legendary Crate Keys"! Along With Other Cool Stuff. ALL you Have To do Is Simply Invite 5 People To The Server, make Sure they Do -Invite {Your-Name} In Chat. This is A 60% Skybloxk Server. Along With 40% Random Fun Activities!xd ♧Free Giveaway-Join Discord To Join ♡Survival ==>> Build A Base, Hold It/Defend With Your Friends, "invite Them To Join Bluelite" ♤Skyblock ==>> How Long Can You Survive On A Island, With Given Resources? Wait Theires An Island Nearby, Lets Explore! Our Server Vote Link: "Vote For GreatRewards *Keys" Server IP: Server Port: 25558 When Applying, Join Discord- Toggle To #Apply
Role-Playing | Art
A role play for all those who love horses, delve into the world of wild horses
Community | Anime
Join BIZARRE WORL for chill convos | 😤 heated debates 😤 | WILD after hours | 🍥 BIG ANIME TALK 🍥 | Video games + server games | 🎵 Music 🎵 | Art | 🎥 Movie nights and more! 🎥 | WARNING: We tend to say offensive things (in a joking manner). We appreciate feedback and suggestions. 😄
Social | Hobbies
:warning: \ PLEASE READ THIS /:warning: \If you are bored,down,sad, or just not doing your best please keep on reading!// I been through some times, and one thing that helped me out was getting a distraction and a place to have fun and to feel free. This is why I made this to make it a place to talk about literally anything, a place to have fun and to relax. Sorry for wasting your time but if you are still interested continue reading: :speech_balloon:》Very active :gift: 》Giveaways :milky_way:》Talk about anything :eyes:》Sfw and Nsfw :tophat:》Good aesthetics :v:》Supportive :poop:》Fun :sunglasses:》You will not get bored if you cooperate Help me spread the word so that everyone can have this amazing experience, to have a place that feels good to be in. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: I DO NOT WANT THE SERVER TO GROW. I WANT YOU GUYS TO GROW THE SERVER.:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Come join SHERLOCKS WORLD!Lets reach 1k!
Community | Gaming
Seja bem vindo ao servidor não oficial para a comunidade de Wild Rift brasileira! Venha ver notícias, tutoriais, conversar sobre Wild Rift, fazer amizades e mais! Estamos esperando por você! Servidor da rede BGC.