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✯ Bienvenue sur le serveur Le Café des Arohas ✯ ☆ Serveur français dédié au groupe coréen Astro géré par les administratrices d'Astroha_France ! ★ Rencontrez des autres fans de nos 6 coréens préférés et faites grandir notre famille !
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Discord Server von mir, AstroGD. Ich bin ein deutscher Entwickler und programmiere tools auf Github und arbeite an unterschiedlichen Projekten. Komm vorbei und schau rein ^^ Discord Server of AstroGD. I am a german developer developing tools on github. I am also working on other projects. Come on in - I have cookies ^^
Science | Art
We are a public server focused on astronomy, astrophotography and nerdy space talk! You will find a lot of active astrophotographers / astronomers on this server, together with a self-made astronomy bot that can analyse images, show weather forecasts, give informations about astronomical objects, etc... Are you an astronomer yourself, or just want to learn / talk about space? Then this server is for you :)
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Official home of /r/ASTROGaming subreddit. Your #1 server to find anything related to ASTRO Gaming. Here you can find preset EQ's created by community members, talk with the community or if needed get support for your headset/mixamp or controller.
Science | Education
This server is mainly about discussing Astronomy among friends.
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Rejoignez la communauté francophone de Simple Rockets 2 !
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🤩Welcome to Astrological! We are a large, friendly, laid-back, and active hangout server with a hint of astrology + occult content spread throughout! 🤩