Entertainment | Gaming
only cool kids here :D
Community | Gaming
this is a server for bread lovers, we need recruits to fight against the potato kingdom. JOIN THE BREAD LOVER ARMY
Meme | Community
Hey, looking for a little community, that welcomes anyone, host events and fun activities, and likes bread? This Server, the Bread Bin, is perfect for you, we like Bread, and we welcome anyone who joins us. Invite your friends, invite more people, and let the party begin!
LGBT | Support
wholesome, cute, LGBTQ+,accepting, bread, chat, fun, meme
Community | Technology
Loaf of Bread Is A Community Server That is Based Around Bread There Is Lots Of Cool and Fun Stuff to do in My Server Plus the first 20 people to enter my server get a special role! I Just Started This server So there is not That Many People, Just saying Bread is cool