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TheDanishGamers - Vi en dansk gruppe som er fokuseret på alle spil & alle de kommende, vi tager med glæde imod alle nye medlemmere, så længe du kan snakke/skrive dansk. Vi har en masse forskellige skrive kanaler og spillerum du kan side i, ved siden af det har vi har en kanal for reklamationer, og hvis du er vild med designs og memes så har vi også det ved siden af -
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Come and visit our friendly art community and make great friends. Exchange thoughts on how to improve your skills.
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nederlands, design, gratis designs
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Developer Server for GTA V
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Need For Speed Server! Screenshot Sharing Car Sharing Need Help Bracket Anything You Desire Over 50 followers and we advertise stream!
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Hey I am starting up a business online called Unlimited GFX Designs. I am in need of Professional Designers. Now why do I need professional designers? Because I want this business to be a top notch business. I mean from being a small online company to a large company. I want to make sure that I have designers that know what they are doing. I want this company to grow and I need ones who are just like you. So if you're a professional designer to Partner Manager to specialists in graphic fields here at Unlimited GFX Designs we want you to know you are welcomed here! This will surely turn your life around! Helping create artwork that not only the client is happy with but the creator of this artwork is happy as well with the design!
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Road Side Designs ™ is a new Desigining Organization. 》We already made several logos, banner for streamer, esports organizations and all other customer. 》Our work is probably the cheapest you can get and the quality the highest available! 》We also offer unlimited Revisions to make your logo perfect. 》if you want any kind of art for you or your team, join us! 》We charge for banners, thumbnails, logos and more! You can also join our organization as professional Designer!
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**__Parker Designs__** Welcome to Parker Designs! Parker Designs is a place you can get Logos ( Other Graphics ),GTA Skins, GTA Models, We are still building this server up so its kind of inactive but we got some things for sale for y'all!! __**we are looking for Developers that can do these jobs:**__ - Texture Developer - Vehicle Developer - Script Developers for GTA / Bots / Other Scripts - Logo / Graphics Designers - Map Developers for GTA - Asset Developers - EUP Developers we are also looking for better staff / Support Members that can help make this Server better and bring new good things to the server. we also do Giveaways / Special Events, ETC. **__we also give a lot of cool things to Server Boosters such as__** - Nitro Booster role - 5% off your next purchase - 1 FREE item made by Parker - Nitro Booster self Promo Channel Access - Early access to videos and content
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👋 Welcome to JKC's Universe! A Discord Server made for **everyone**! 👍 We have: 🔹A Design Planet🎨, for new to professional designers! 🖼️ 🔹A Community Planet👋 , full of active people to chat with! 🎉 🔹A Gaming Planet🎮 , for all you gamers out there! 😮 🔹An Advertising Planet, where you can advertise anything! 🔹A giveaway planet🎁, active giveaways every week! (including **nitro**) 💰 🔹 And lots lots more Planets to explore!🤔 ❗ Our services: 🔹 Free Logos, Banners, gifs, video edits and more! 🎨 🔹 Free Photoshop lessons, After Effects lessons and more! 👨‍🏫 🔹 Paid giveaways to help grow your server! 💸 🔹 Growing Server advice! 🌐 🔹 Server ads and creations! 🔱 🔹 And lots lots more! 🎉 👑 What are you waiting for? Join now!👍
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A chill community to make friends, trade and show of your creations. Get more out of your Animal Crossing