Art | Writing
This server is a Worldbuilding experiment. The idea is to take the lore of Bionicle G1 and G2, to craft a new universe based on concepts and ideas presented in them (new concepts are welcome). The biggest difference is bringing the bio part more forfront, as in possibly making Matorian humans (though humans are not confirmed as canon yet, cause I want second opinions), so love and sexual reproduction are canon in this universe. Changes to this description will change as the server develops, but should remain brief.
Writing | Hobbies
A server for sharing your short stories, essays, poetry, screenplays, or anything else that happens to be in words.
Role-Playing | Writing
Superhero roleplay server that has a shared canon between DC and Marvel fandoms
Art | Design
We offer: - Photography - Film - Digital Art - Fan Fiction - Music - Short Stories - Art And more to come! This place isn't just for creators. If you have an appreciation for art of any kind, you can be here too! Invite your friends!
Gaming | Social
A new Dragon Age community! Come in and hang with the Heroes of Thedas! Just a chill, non-toxic community were you can just hang out, share your worldstates, screenshots, fanart or just BS!
Writing | Music
At it's core SEREPHORIA is a welcoming Jikook dedicated ship server, we are constantly expanding and want this to be a safe, non toxic space where fans can share ideas and discuss the ship.