Community | Gaming
redactedisland is a server that you can make friends ! we have mods that love talking to members and more! come join ^_^
Gaming | Meme
The Manifest Zone is a small discord server for people to hang out, talk about games, and make new friends.
Gaming | Community
Gaming, Hanging out, Wanna grow, Small, Art. We want a nice chill community that doesn't fight but just talk.
Meme | Entertainment
eunoia - (n) beautiful thinking; a well ming just a chill server. it's new so please be patient. i cant promise how active it will be while it's starting up. little to no rules, just dont be a jerk. will be doing events like movie nights and holiday things. also looking for some staff!! hope to see you there!
Social | Community
A chill server where people can hang out while they are listening to lofi hip-hop. We also have events and competitions. Btw I love bears!!
Gaming | Social
We game, chill and have a great day. No gay ass mods fucking you up for no reason or a bit of cursing.
Community | Streaming
It's a discord server where i announce streams and hang out in between streams.
Community | Hobbies
A close-knit but welcoming group of individuals. Expect conversations about anything but Elite, memes, friendly faces and much more... Tune into the premier #offtopic experience today!