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Welcome to trades-hope, where we all educate, learn, and progress together as a community. Free chat about trade, learning channel providing pdf book and video teaching basics about trading, advisor posting stock analysts, etc.
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This is my discord for all things Side Hustle! Wanna make some extra money on the side? Come join, and chat with other side hustlers, and figure out what's the best method for you! I want this discord to be the go to place for all resources to side hustling. My goal is to release a new side hustle at least every week. I'll reach out to current side hustlers to talk about what they do to make money. We have channels to chat with others, brainstorm side hustle ideas, promote your own side hustles, and more! Stop by and have a great time!
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Many servers like this were created as scams.😬 Right now I am here to show you actual ways to make a ton of money!🤑 Our community is also very knowledgeable making this a server you must join!📚 This server is literally the key to financial freedom!💸 Join this server to become rich for free!💹