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An at the time small server based on memes and includes a 2D/3D NSFW channels. At this time we are just looking to have the server be populated and to have fun with it. Epic Gamer Style
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Join My Discord Server جۆینی دیسکۆرد ەکەم بکەن!!
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Really good gaming,memes, jokes server
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Chat with community, with Ferb as our overlord
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Questo server e' una piccola comunity per fare roleplay programmata, ognuno qui ha davanti a se' infinite possibilita', i pg verranno approvati dallo staff in persona (Tra cui io ;>) ed il resto rimane nelle vostre mani. Plasmate la vostra roleplay Ideale ;)
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A server for people who want a laugh
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Very funny haha / Muito engraçado haha
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This is a server just to chill! It’s the great place to make new friends :) Also we have our cool bot with 80+ servers!
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Fuck off 😋
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turbkey samdwich
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Your grandparents is a social server, with it's main idea being building a family. Honestly, this whole thing is a joke. We are just starting, so it would be lovely if you could invite more people! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. I, granny, would like to invite you to my sweet sweet home. As some of you may or may not know, i love children! So much so that i sometimes find it extremely hard to not just bite their arms off- oops. Anyways, i have this dumb grandchild that keeps denying making a whole in the roof.. somebody send help.