Gaming | Music
This is Engineer Gaming's PooPoo Server, a place to play games, listen to music, or just straight vibe and do both!
Programming | Technology
This is a Child friendly, Gender Friendly, and Family Friendly server, Will will try to keep our words and keep the server at its best state. Please be aware that we do not have perfect moderation (But we are trying to) so we cannot make it as we promised forever. This server is designed for programmers especially those who programs html and Making exploits, Non-programmers are also welcomed for buisness or just social communication purposes.
Meme | Social
We are a small group, and connected group of friends, and we hope that we can include you! We have some things that could at least make you entertained for an hour, such as: + New Community + Simple Staff Applications + NSFW Channel if you really need it + Memes channel with some bots to help out + AltDentifier bot so that raids are less likely to happen + Rules that are enforced DM Disect#2274 if you wish to be Partners/Allies. Partner requirements: - Must not be a fully NSFW server - Must not be a fully Roleplay server - Must be friendly
Sports | Social
Looking for a server to discuss and brag about your favorite NBA team? Well you found the right server! Our server contains a Simulation Basketball league, active community, and Live NBA games streaming every week also!