Apex LFG (looking for group) is the best place to find teammates, friends or even professionals to play Apex Legends alongside you!
!! GRAND OPENING !! Gaming Community for All #NeedServerEconomyHelp #NeedDevsHelp #NeedAPIhelp #LGBTpride #gamble #LeagueOfLegends #Streamer ~ ~ Not a dating server ~ ~
Chill & friendly community for everyone!
find others to play with, find high rank players for a carry, find low rank healers for a pocket, find groups to climb with, find groups to have fun with, etc
probablemente el unico servidor publico para gamers sin vida de Panamá.
The Largest and Most Active Server for D&D 5E Organized Play. Join us in the Adventurers League, learn to play, and discuss other TTRPGs.
We’re a server that’s focused on finding people to play with for rainbow six siege. All platforms are welcomed
Gaming community with LFG for popular games, roles and streaming. We're want teams in CoD, CS, Apex, Overwatch and more.
A community for Rainbow 6 Siege players and more particularly, renown farmers. Look for your teammates here!
A new Warzone server aimed specifically at UK and ROI players only.
Welcome to 'The Gulag' this is a Warzone based discord server where you are free to talk about Warzone, find players, share loadouts and more! We hope you enjoy :)
R6, Dayz, MW, And more, You Name it we play it!
This server is for people looking for players of all skill levels, its a new server that can be very usefull for a lot of people that don't want to solo q and get bad teammates
Mainly for Rainbow six siege
If you play Rainbow 6 siege, you need to join this server! Find new players and talk with tons of other people who love R6 too!
German Apex Legends Community Discord for Player Searching
Unofficial Crossout server to find players and play together!
This is a Valorant EU Scrims server for 5V5s and a LFG Server. We accept people of all skill levels as everyone is looking to improve! You can get the roles of the agent that you play/main from the #get-ur-roles channel. Enjoy!
Ark Shop is a discord server where you can buy the best gear on ark for great price. Also have the opportunity to sell your own items and make some serious money.
A PUG (pick-up game)/LFG (looking for group) server for valorant.
this is a gaming communty music ect server i am open minded to new suggestions
Valorant - LFG server EU and NA Custom games YES Good players YES! nice staff? maybe.. i mean YES!
A VALORANT based server for NA mainly for looking for people to play with.
A friendly CS:GO LFG community server for all of our gamers
Upcoming gaming community and esports organization aimed towards gaining a large following and a community we can interact with, but also allow the community to play with us and one another.
A Valorant LFG Server where you can chill or find other players to play with! Come through.
Wrecking Crew is a YouTube/Twitch collaboration between friends and content creators DeathBlow, IPlaiGames, TheBlevins and ThrillSeeker. We are a variety gaming squad that will stream games live weekly and edit the different perspectives together to make content for our YouTube channel. This discord community is for fellow creators that we work with as well as fans of our content that want to interact with our creators. Discuss the games we play, gaming news, suggest games for the crew to play, etc..