Just fun play with multiple people who will be online thats the goal! Always find someone to play with ^^
This is my discord for whoever wanna join its fun you can gaming friends and talk
This is my discord for whoever wanna join its fun you can gaming friends and talk
We Are An GTA V Community We Have Invite Rewards For Drops And LFG Channels For Users To Play Heists And Missions Together Fun Events
UK Valorant LFG
I found it hard or rare to find people to play with on Dead Frontier 2 as it's a few years old and not that popular. I made the server for DF2 players (newbie and vets) to come together and find people to play with.
Coop-Land.ru – это не только один из лучших игровых порталов Рунета. Coop-Land – это дружная семья и огромное русскоязычное сообщество игроков.
Come join us! Improvements frequent with updates on Borderlands 3! Join before 04/29/2019 for an exclusive role. Supported Games: Borderlands (all editions) Should this NOT work, use this discord invitation: https://discord.gg/CYtKcHN Cheers!
No More Randoms is a gaming community designed to help you find other people to play your favourite games with! No longer do you have to play with those terrible randoms that make your game experience worse.
"ʇuɐʍ ǝʍ ʇɐɥʍ ʎɐld" is a discord server started by a small group of 4 friends to just have a laugh and a chat whilst playing some games. later we started to add a small number of other people we met online and now have a few members who are also interested in just meeting people through gaming. Whilst we're not a NSFW server we do have a NSFW section! we are new to the whole "public server" scene and would ask that you are patient with us whilst we work out the balance between what's best for the server and what's best for other people. Come and join!
We play different games each month, voted by our community! Rewards for participation via our FREE lootboxes.
Welcome to The Citadel, a Fallout-themed community hub, we have places to find groups for Fallout 76 and places to discuss and share creations in all the fallout games and many more, including CAMPS, Settlements, Workshops and screenshots.
Fortnite Turtle War, and Zone Wars discord server for Asian servers.
NA (NORTH AMERICAN) League of Legends wholesome and fun server! The Cub Club is a community-centered server with members who always try to keep the vibe positive. The point of a server is to meet people, and interact with them, and this is exactly the type of place to do that, with a smaller (but growing!) community, you’ll always be sure you’re heard and can easily find someone you enjoy talking and playing with. We are trying to grow a loving home for people all around the world, and as such, we are always trying to improve the server and community in any way shape or form. We are proud to present our approachable, hospitable, and outgoing atmosphere, with our more than affectionate community. From the staff that keeps the server free from toxicity, to the people that make the server so amazing to be a part of, we would love to welcome you to be a part of it! 🎮 Games: League of Legends (main) / Apex Legends / Osu! / Overwatch / Maplestory 2
A chill destiny 2 community LFG and clan, primarily xbox,
Want a new community for a bunch of stuff? Come join Illume and help us grow!
This is a brand new server based around rainbow six siege We offer LFG, Ranked voice chats, Teams, and once more people join we will offer private skrims, possibly with a prize pool We are in early days and have very few people Anyone is welcome and as we grow we will consider adding more games and making it a gaming server
Meme Jesus Mafia is the official #1 active Discord server in text chat. It's a server for Instagram @Yourlordandsaviormemejesus. With over 100,000 members, we have a rewarding leveling system, premium and fun bots such as a really well set up economy bot, pokecord bot, waifu collector, and several NSFW bots. We have tons of giveaways, an active minecraft server, and tournaments where you can win money or discord nitro. Our tournaments consist of games such as League Of Legends, Apex Legends, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six Siege. We believe in free speech so you can voice your opinions. Come join us, have fun, win some money and meet new people.
This is a fun gaming server with many games!
We are a community where you can relax and chat, make new friends, advertise and game! :)
A community for gamers and streamers to connect and talk about the games they enjoy playing, along with finding new people to play games with. All gaming channels have discussion for each respective game along with updates and lfg. And the streaming channels have self promotion, sponsorship opportunities, teams, self promo and misc info for all streamers both New/Established.
We are the Midnight Memers, an epic new gaming community that is going to be basically the best one ever simply because we all are memers and gamers.
New friendly discord for streamers and gamers which also has a self promote section for your channel. we are hoping that we can build a great community together
Premium gaming community - 1337 genius only *mature content* 18+ active admins In progress: http://www.lfgizzle.com (will redirect to discord server for now).
Minecraft community Discord server for everyone interested in Minecraft
↣ ΣUREKA est un server regroupant de tout, mais surtout, un centre de discussion où tous les sujets et centres d’intérêts sont acceptés et partagés en ne tenant compte d’aucune différence ! ↣ Faites parts de vos centres d’intérêts, créations et situations de tous les jours librement. Ici vous pourrez faire de nouvelles connaissances tout comme raconter votre vie (●'◡'●) ↣ Nous souhaitons nous développer afin d'acquérir une grande expérience et vous proposer un contenue toujours à la hauteur de vos attente. Notre développement nous permettra par la suite de vous proposer d'autres fonctionnalités inédites. L'ambiance, la cohésion et la persévérance sont les mot clé de la réussite.
So basically, this server is just an LFG for the game Splitgate which is free to play on steam. The server is also global but mainly English.