This server is for people looking for players of all skill levels, its a new server that can be very usefull for a lot of people that don't want to solo q and get bad teammates
Community | eSports
Mainly for Rainbow six siege
Gaming | Social
GG is an all inclusive Server for any kind of gamer! We welcome respectful and kind people who are just looking for some good fun with new friends.
Community | eSports
Fortnite LFG - Looking For Group - Boxfights - 1v1 - 2v2 - 3v3 - Wagers and much more! EU - NA (North America) - OCE - ASIA - BRAZIL
eSports | Gaming
Valorant LFG and Valorant Pro Scrims / Valorant Competitive Discord Server All Agents welcome! Join up and find a group / team today! Look out for our Tournaments as well as Scrims!
Gaming | Technology
A gaming server to chat and lfg
eSports | Gaming
A warzone community set-up to unite some of the best talents in Verdansk! Sign up to meet new players of your level and make sure to use our BOT to assign yourself a rank to be able to use the server!
Community | Gaming
LFG for Call of Duty Cold War. Tech help and Support. Join for players to play with