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Vous avez une question ? Un membre du Café des Etudiants pourra sûrement vous aider. Que vous soyez en PACES,médecine,pharma,droit,prépa vous trouverez quelqu'un avec qui discuter
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An ATAR student from Western Australia? Or even anywhere else from Australia? Consider joining our server, we have a community of students who will be able to help you in different subjects when in need. Are you a Uni student and want to help ATAR students do well? Then this place really needs you!
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-----------------{Lofi Seal}------------------ Welcome to the Lofi Seal server! This is a small server based on anime for hanging out and having fun with friends and other members, and featuring: -Fun Bots -Self Promoting Channel -A Very Friendly Community -Custom Roles With Colors -Waifu Bots -Daily Questions -Weeb Chat -Gaming -Custom emojis -Anime Pictures And more! So come on hop on and have some fun!
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Looking for advice? need some help? Created for the /r/Advice subreddit on Reddit which has over 99k Subscribers. This is a brand new server, this is a place where you can ask for advice on any subject. Also for people who believe they are great at providing help and support, or good advice.
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Ook voor Nederlandse mensen Welcome to "DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONS"! We are a just started Discord Server! Have you just started development or have been working on it for a long time, you can always go here! You can always ask questions in the "DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONS" server to other Members! If you need help with your "Scripts" you can join a "Help Voice Channel" to be helped by other people! You can also share your own scripts there with other Members in a "Text Channel"
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Internet forum where any user can ask questions that the community will answer. Besides, a relaxed place to write and talk.
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You Can Ask Any Questions Regarding Discord Bots In Here. Developer Are Super Friendly And Don't Be Shy To Ask Question. All Your Answers In One Place.
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Here at The Wooden Spoon, we are a community of cooks, chefs, and everything in between! Our goals are to help you with your desired recipes, bring people together as a community, make new friends, help you accomplish your dream as a chef, and a whole lot more!