Support | Social
a vent or rant server similar to the old website. lgbtq and mental health friendly.
Social | Support
I'm working on building a new Discord server that deals with mental health/ mental support. It's teeny tiny right now, but you gotta start somewhere. I'm hoping to build a nice big happy family of people who can be there for each other & help each other get through the day.
Gaming | Anime
Can’t Aim? We’ll meet your fellow gamers who also can’t aim. O_o. Talk about Anime, or rant to fellow gamers.
Meme | Social
Self explanatory, just don't be a word i cant say otherwise ill get banned.
Entertainment | YouTuber
The official Discord server for the Drizzle Animations Youtube Channel!
Furry | Community
welcome to pink palace ! Here you can be as open as you'd like, rant, Curse, whatever it is that you do to relive stress or anger within you . This Server is mostly meant for people to let out their inner frustrations with life and such, you can do whatever you'd like here. our rules are simple; Give respect to get respect., Treat others the way you would like to be treated, with compassion and respect. If caught doing otherwise there will be punishment or even a ban. We strive for freedom of speech here (as long as you're being respectful to your peers and fellow Pink palace Members.) We do not allow racism or prejudice of ANY type . if caught doing so you will be banned and blacklisted. DO NOT block a admin/mod . if you do ; we cannot help you if trouble arises. Instead contact a mod for assistance if needs be. -