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Chaotic United is a Minecraft-focused gaming community that has been around since 2011. We were rebooted in 2014 under new leadership and have continued to operate since. We also have a Forum that serves as the central hub for the community.
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Ce discord est le discord d'un projet nommé WhoSpeak, c'est un hébergeur de serveurs TeamSpeak 3 gratuit !
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Facepunchers is a community of people that just love playing games together as a community without all the bullshit and crap that comes from clans. Anyone is welcome to join, hangout and play. We mainly play squad but have lots of different games we play.
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- Performance - Spielspaß - Echtes FiveM Roleplay - Fraktionen/Bad-Fraktions - ESX Base - ...
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GCRP is a Serious Role Play city that is economy based.
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CLAN de Simulación Militar de habla Hispana (Español), con sistema de Rangos y Roleo(Simualción de cadena de Mando). Usamos Mods al igual que el TeamSpeak para una inmersión sin precedentes.
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Hello everyone, I would like to formally talk to you about Stampede Roleplay Who are we? Well Stampede Roleplay is a brand new RP server! Who are we looking for? We are looking for only the best, we do not want people coming in, messing about or breaking the rules. SERIOUS RP ONLY. We are also looking for mature and trust worthy individuals for our staff team, depending on your experience etc you will either start as a trial mod or a full mod “No Admin Positions will be given out at the start” If you are interested in joining then please come and give us a go, we will try our best not to let you down. We urgently need players to get this server up and going.
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ARP is a serious roleplay server on FiveM (A Framework for GTA5) Always looking for new people to join the fun of roleplay in our server. You can put in an appliction on our Teamspeak3 server (IP Located in Discord). We look forward to see you in the server!
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Novelty Oyun & Medya Hizmeti - - SA-MP & Fivem & Mta & TS3
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Servidor de minecraft | HCF, ¿Que esperas para unirte?
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Dreamless RP reserves the right to limit, revoke or suspend any player(s) access to its server(s) and/or service(s) at any time, with or without reason(s).
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Alpha Roleplay is a new FiveM community made by two great role-players, between us we have around 2000 hours experience in law enforcement, verified civilian, ems and fire departments and governmental agencies. We are looking for members in: Staff Certified Civilian San Andreas State Police San Andreas Fire Department What you need to join: Discord A Decent Mic Teamspeak A Decent PC (so you can multi-task) Good Internet connection. Our Community: FX Server Serious RP Non ELS CAD/MDT Website Forum Experienced Members We worked hard to get our server online and are looking for members. Apply today at
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We are a TeamSpeak³ server sponsoring and have been awarding TeamSpeak³ servers since 2010. Applications for a TeamSpeak³ server are made through our forum. As well as all essential things can be found there, such as support, application requirements, GDPR and imprint etc.
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Golden Gamers United Multi-Gaming Community. Bringing back the golden days one server at a time.
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==================================== Willkommen auf ==================================== Was sind wir? Wir sind ein Minecraft Netzwerk das zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt 4 Spielmodis besitzt. Was bieten wir alles? ➠ CityBuild, FreeBuild, PaintBall und KitFFA ➠ Ein kompetentes und nettes Team ➠ Eine nette und stetig wachsende Community ➠ Einen TeamSpeak³ Server und einen Discord Server. ➠Community Gespräche (Wünsche für den Server usw.) Was suchen wir? ➠ Supporter ➠ Designer ➠ Builder ➠ Developer ➠ User die sich auf ein neues Netzwerk einlassen ➠ Leute die uns promoten. Wir hoffen, dass es dir auf diesem Discord/Minecraft Server gefällt. Velyra - Netzwerk: ==================================== Minecraft: TeamSpeak: Discord: ====================================