Bot | Art
24/7 Support Server for Discord Bot, Annie.
Bot | Community
A Server where you can find nice Bots to add it to your'e Server If you need a customize Bot you can find here a very good Developer!
Community | Programming
Home of the simple, multi-purpose bot, Kepi.
Bot | Gaming
ELO - A pug (pick up game) bot for discord.
Bot | Support
Zoxaro is a simple Discord but that offers fun/useful/moderation commands. This server is used for bugs reports/suggestions for the bot.
Gaming | Support
The indie game developer, creator of Mr Boom's Firework Factory, TriviaBot and Sporks!
Bot | Anime | Programming
Hanekawa is a highly customizable multi-purpose bot with a focus on extensive moderation tools and user activity rewards. Customizable Leveling, Economy, User Profiles and Welcome banners!