Cynosure is a Roleplay server, home of the BIG Roleplay Universe 1!
We are an open world science fiction roleplay inspired by many successful science fiction series such as Halo, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Cyberpunk 2077, and many more. This is a literate roleplay that also includes GM based actions and events.
Comrade! Roleplay as an alien in a massive ringworld! Explore a massive space-political landscape filled with treacherous empires and odd aliens! Inspired by the 2016 strategy game Stellaris, the Galactic Gwesiboran Commonwealth is a server dedicated to exploring your writing and roleplay in new and unique ways.
__**RealArea51**__ **Wir bieten** • Nette Spieler • Kompetentes Team • Partnerschaften • Selpromote Kanal • Eigener Bot • selfroles • Gewinnspiele • Regelmäßige Updates und vieles mehr Überzeuge dich selbst und trete und noch heute bei! :trippin:
Irken Gang! ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ - Chat With Friends - Make New Friends - 8+ Fun Bots - Share your Invader Zim Art - Lots of More Stuff
THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAY. We can help you fix your flaws, Human. We can gradually change you into a being greater than your broken Human self. A being that is fully efficient, fully obedient, and fully emotionless (yet still able to have positive stimulation, experiencing happiness and positive emotions in a whole new level.) We can connect you into a Hivemind that will provide purpose and servitude in your life. We can turn you into the perfect alien, with a distinct identity and sense of belonging, fully in control of their life and emotions. Does this opportunity interest you? If so, change your mind and reach out to the Kanpeki Hivemind.
Roleplay, serious RPers only. We are NOT an ERP.
Ben 10 RPG with a great community, regular games, and a number of fun game modes! Definitely worth at least checking out.
Hello! This is the official Marcescence discord server. Marcescence is a 2D Action Role-play game in development for Windows. Join for updates on the game and more! Twitter: Trello: Reddit:
Grupo destinado para a comunidade brasileira de The Cycle. Ache players e monte squads! Entre no nosso discord: Discord com espaço para: formação de squads divulgação de streams e canais fan-art divulgação das atualizações Entre no discord oficial do jogo: Seja muito bem vindo e aprecie sem moderação
Official server for the Space Crew total conversion mod for SQUAD.
United We Stand !