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Welcome to Normal API! Webpage - What is this? This is an API which can make your Bot to have Additional Extra Functions which will help your bot to get Better. It gives the Data in JSON Format which can be accessed if your coding package supports fetching json data from an API. How do i use this? Using the API is simple, you'll firstly need to have an API Key which makes sure that no one spams the API. Join it's Server and run the "?createkey" Command and you'll receive a Key in DMs. That's your Auth Key which should be private and only be accessible by you in all times. In case, this key is known by someone or is leaked in public, you can use the "?revokekey" command to Revoke it and Create a New API Key. Next, after getting you key, visit the Webpage. You'll get a List of Available Endpoints at Bottom of the Webpage. Use the Webpage url as the Base URL and add the endpoint by replacing your Parameters. Enjoy! ;)
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Own a Bot or Server Listed in Top.GG Website? Ever thought of getting upvotes notification straight in your discord server? Yes, it's possible now with the Vote Notifer API. 100% Working and Free! Join and read the #read-me Channel to get Get Started!
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The unofficial API for Clash Royale.
Programming | Technology
Under construction...
Bot | Technology
Originally made in 2017, its intent is to connect various bot economies with other bots in order to facilitate growth between bots. Are you a bot developer? Join Discord's premier cross-bot currency exchange API now!
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Growing and friendly developer community. A clean and fresh start after a server revamp. ~Code Club
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Sorteos, Dating, Diversion, Socializar y mas, con bot propio, buscamos staff.
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A place for bot use and also support for bot development. Hangout with bots, and well, like minded humans maybe. Open for bot adding, all bots welcome. 100 bots so far, more to come :) Bots included but not limited to: -Mudae -EpicRPG, IdleRPG -Music bots -Animal Learning
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Nieoficjalny serwer wsparcia dla programu Discord Bot Maker oraz języka Discord.JS. Otrzymasz tutaj najlepszą pomoc, i rawdaty.
Programming | Technology
PacketListening & PacketSending API.
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Welcome to Botlists. The next generation of bot lists. Below are the features 1. Cool roles 2. Cool staff 3. Lot of channels to chat with others 4. Make friends 5. Add your bot with us
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Hello welcome to BotDevs! In this server can you test/learn how to make a bot/test a bot! Have fun and pls join! DM the owner to add your bot! (May take a while for respond)