Art | Community | Programming
A place for artists, engineers, musicians, youtubers, designers, makers, and creators to cross-pollinate and support one another. It can be incredibly difficult to build a support network when pursuing a way to make a living outside of the normal 9-5 grind. Most of the time you can feel alone, especially when the odds are stacked against you. Hopefully we can be here to support and inspire. We believe that tons of ingenuity comes from the intersection of many different crafts. Having engineers collaborate with artists, or artists collaborate with musicians can inspire a realm of possibilities. Enjoy.
Community | Hobbies
This is the Synergy Community. We are looking for creative individuals who need help with things or just want to share what they do. We have a variety of channel types, including: *Twitch *Youtube *Instagram *blog *vlog *art *music *video editing *game design and coding where you can ask questions, look for people to collaborate with, or just talk about your day. Our Nerds can help with just about anything (see who has what tags and feel free to ask, we will try our best!
YouTuber | Streaming
We are a fun small server looking to grow and build a fun community that can collab and share idea's as youtubers and streamers, if you enjoy content creation and want to grow with other creators then this is the home for you, so come and hang out with us. :)
Music | Community
A server for producers, artists to network, collab and grow together
Community | Gaming
Ludacris Studios is an organization that assists you in growing your Twitch & or YouTube Channels.
YouTuber | Gaming
A server for live streamers, gamers, artists, and just for fun!
Music | Growth
A server dedicated to metal musicians that want to collab with other musicians, learn from each other, and most importantly, have fun!
Gaming | YouTuber
Minecraft discord server which allows you to advertise / share your youtube videos, find collabs, play with some pro players, have fun, and get better known within the community.
YouTuber | Gaming
Music | Community
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YouTuber | Growth
Are you a YouTuber with 100+ subs looking to connect and chat with other creators? Well, look no further as YCC is here! Here you can chat with other creators and collab on your favorite games! If you would like to check us out here is our server! Discord Boosters get their videos advertised!
YouTuber | Community
In Creator Station, talk with a friendly community of creators that help each other grow their channel and collaborate.
Gaming | Support
On this server enjoy the pleasure of chatting about games with people that love the same things. Minecraft, Among Us and other popular games are here. Join to ask a question about bugs or help with building a house on Minecraft. Anything can be asked anything can be helped. Tight rules means it is safe for all ages and kept at a great safe level. You can also play along side others and find collabs here. Different events will be played with different games created by the trusted mods.
Music | Art
RESONANCE is a chill server focused on music production and any other kinds of art. Feel free to promote your work in our promotion channels and hang out with people who have similar interests! We also have collaboration channels for people who want to work together on anything!
Streaming | YouTuber
A Collaboration server, meet other content creators collaborate and grow together!