Social | Hobbies
This may not be the greatest Server on Discord. But definitely not the worst. It’s a server created with the idea to be a place where even Outcasts feel welcomed. We have channels for: - History, Mythology and Culture stuff - Game discussion, like FE, Skyrim etc. - Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Comic, Movie and Book Channel - SCP Fondation, Horror and Creepypasta, Memes, Music, Pet and Animal Channels and many more. And if requested we gladly add Channels for more stuff.
Art | Music
We are a SFW friendly and chill social media active creative community! Art, Music, Writers, Photographers, 3D Art, Cosplay, Comic, and Singers. We have events #artexhibition-event💐, #spotify-spotlight💿, #wisdomwall-event🔰 , and #gallery-event🎇, and all submissions will be posted on our socials (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). We have #resources💡 text channel which shares tips and free brushes, software, VSTs and more. Our #officialroles are not a promotion or demotion, the roles are just a way to keep track of members activity and spam prevention. 🌟PROMOTE YOURSELF!🌟 category is self-explanatory. In #introduce-yourself you can tell us more about yourself and promote your social links, Other channels in this category are #livestream #youtube-feature, #patreon-and-more, #commissions-merch, and #features-reposts💫. We try to ensure our #art_feedback, #music_feedback, #writers_feedback and #photo_feedback to be constructive, positive and supportive.
Art | Social
Comic exiles is a server devoted to the creation of all sorts of art like webcomics, illustration, and writing. We also host channels talking about various media topics ranging from cartoons, anime, and more. If you wanna hang with us just come right in.
Community | Gaming
The Penguin Paradise es un Cómic basado en el juego de Disney; Club Penguin. En este servidor hablamos acerca del cómic y otras cosas. - Pacmans Permitidos. - Hacemos sorteos diarios. - Canal NSFW. - Comunidad amigable y tranquila.
Art | Anime
This is a server for our webcomic development however, we want to keep it light and breezy in our discord server. Please join and just have a good time overall :)
Social | Community
Calvin and Hobbes: It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy - Let's go exploring!
Art | Furry
A small server for art, friends and hangout!
Community | Art
The official fan server for the comic/animation Project: TAOMAJ
Community | Anime
Welcome to Hanjoo's Store! In our store, we sell: Comic Books - Marvel Comics - Rick and Morty (2015-2020) - Star Wars (2015-2020) - probably any comic book you want Games Come check us out!
Gaming | Entertainment
Official Discord Server for DAGeeks,
Anime | Entertainment
Membahas KPOP, Animanga, atau apapun yang berbau Korea dan Jepang, serta acara western dan komik superhero western. Bagi yang suka nonton film apa pun itu juga tersedia.
Community | Social
Discord server for the upcoming fan-adventure 'The Chaos Spectrum' as well as a general chill zone for Homestucks. Come join, read the comic, chat with us, and help out!
Hobbies | Entertainment
Laid back server for discussing fiction. Includes a Movie/Book club.
Entertainment | Anime
This is Immortal updates Scans. We are especially scanlating manhuas . Hope you guys enjoy the chapters and our server.
Role-Playing | Social
We exist to give people a fun time on our server whether is role playing in the inn or messing with the meme bot
Art | Hobbies
Just chill bruh
Art | Role-Playing
Tsvinnia is a chatting/roleplaying server made for a medieval fantasy comic! We have D&D-like roleplay events, bots such as Dank Memer, and occasionally play games (namely Minecraft) together.
Social | Entertainment
just your average homestuck server, yknow. aside from the fact that everything is on fire, nobody knows who or what they are, and that it's run by a bunch of teens. but that's neither here nor there. stop by, if you're interested.
Art | Community
Hello, and welcome to the *hades' palace* discord server! I'm going to start off with a disclaimer; I have nothing to do with the creation of Lore Olympus, I've merely created this server. As you all know, it's the creation of the very talented Rachel Smythe on Webtoon - her Instagram is @/usedbandaid and her Twitter is @/used_bandaid. This server was created as a communicative outlet for the Lore Olympus fandom. It's available for everyone to connect through the Webtoon comic, but also other things you may have in common - here you can talk about the comic, meet new people, make new friends and become a part of an accepting and open community. I've tried to make the server as self-explanatory as possible, but if you have an questions or need help with anything, feel free to message me. My DMs are always open and my notifications are always on, so don't be shy, I'll always do my best :))
Community | Entertainment
Based on the superhero webcomic/television show "The Umbrella Academy", this server's purpose is to bring the Sci-Fi, comic, and Netflix fans even closer by chatting, promoting their social media, discussing theories and making friends. The Unofficial Umbrella Academy Discord offers: - Server Roles - Custom Emotes - Events - Friendly Members & Staff - Encouragement & Support It'd be awesome if you decided to drop by! We are always happy to see new faces!