Political | Community
A libertarian-focused Discord community taking our name from the secret revolutionary organization of the same name founded by Sam Adams.
Political | Community
The United Chats of Stephen (UCS) is a server that is part of a confederation of servers that is united by a government.
Political | Role-Playing
A political simulation with an attached Minecraft server, you can be elected President, you can be elected to parliament, or elected Governor of a State and be part of a party or start a new party! National Elections every 2 months, State Elections one month after!
Community | Political
Discord's funniest politics server for right-wing discussion. Join for active debates, AMAs, shitposting, and general discussion.
Political | Role-Playing
An Australian Political Discussion and Mock Parliament Server.
Political | Social
♛ This server emulates U.K. politics. Yes, it's a constitutional-monarchy, which believe it or not, you can still actively participate in. You can also participate in general elections and be elected MP. Or maybe you want to govern Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland? Maybe you want to become a moderator and protect our server? It's *all* possible here! (This server is NOT an RP server. Real people, real elections, real fun.)
Political | Community
Next election: 25th April 2020. A server to discuss politics, whether it's Irish or from abroad A Mock Parliament, meant to simulate a less formal version of the actual Irish Oireachtas Join Parties, Run for Elections, Govern, Introduce reform to make Ireland the place you want it to be.
Social | LGBT
Diverse politics server that covers all aspects of the political spectrum. LGBTQ+ Friendly.
Meme | Military
A fictional politically based regime server with memes, crime courts, ranks, nation roles, alliances, elections, a plethora of bots and even wars! Join today for an escapade of a lifetime!
Role-Playing | Hobbies
This is an Alternate History Political Role-Play which takes place in 1930s America. With an event almost every day, frequent elections, varied political parties, and an efficient Mod team, this server is sure to appeal to almost everybody. All ideologies all welcome, BUT, role-playing as an ideology other than your IRL one is highly encouraged.
Role-Playing | Political
Bienvenue à Maplebridge Island ! Dans ce serveur, vous pourrez diriger un parti politique, vous faire élire en tant que Président de la république, député ou sénateur. Vous pourrez créer des projets de lois qui seront votés par les députés et les sénateurs. Ce serveur est totalement démocratique, donc les décisions devront être prises démocratiquement par le Parlement. Merci et j’espère que vous vous joindrez à la famille de Maplebridge Island !