Gaming | Community
We play many games such as, Cards against humanity, Uno and more in a party game like setting.
Art | Role-Playing
Join us in ★: Escape - Cafe :★! This server is a roleplaying, art, streaming, and general chat server. We are a welcoming community of people who want to spread positivity and growth in anything creative you do! __ Please join us for: ☕ Creative Showcases ☕ Artist/Game Streaming Shoutouts ☕ Rotating Roleplay Sessions ☕ Server Game | Movie | Art Nights __
Role-Playing | Anime
We’re searching for active members! 🙏🏻Our server's theme and overall look is based on an "Adventurer's Guild." We host fun events every other day and have a close connection to our members.✨ Our most special event is Theme-week, we spend a week enjoying a different theme via profiles and events🎉 Events include: game/movie nights, series binges, "theme-week", minor bot events, w/ our economy bot ( increasing the payout for a limited time, etc ), and more to be added !
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Inkopolis United! This is where we will be hosting monthly Splatoon 2 Splatfest events to keep the spirit of the Splatfest alive for as long as possible! We’ll also be hosting weekly game nights each weekend, where we play random Nintendo Switch games together! Talk with members, share memes, pics, and your very own artwork! See you around!
eSports | Gaming
Community | Support
Lunar is a server centered around providing help and support to our members as well as making a welcoming place for people to hangout. (Underaged are not allowed)
Gaming | Community
Has Game Nights once every week (until more members join) Is made for game lovers of all kind (web games to downloadable games) We are always looking for new members so joinnn we can only grow with you!!! !!READ FULL DESCRIPTION!!
Gaming | Community
A server for gaming. We are building a good community. We will hold game nights as the server name implies as well as general game conversation.
Gaming | Streaming
a fairly active gmod clan that mainly plays on fudgys server we host podcasts, game nights, we have a youtube channel where we post cinamatics, a friendly staff team, sometimes givaways and much much more
Community | Gaming
Game and Movie Nights every week. Diverse and accepting community. In-Depth leveling system. Custom bot. Games, friends, fun.
Hobbies | Community
We have a brand new small community with many things to engage in. These can be gaming, chatting, sharing art, grinding bots, and more! We hope you can join us today :3
Community | Gaming
A cool and caring community that has many different topics!