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Welcome to Journey RP - we are a serious semi-realistic GTA rp server. Visit our discord to view our rules, commands and whitelist application as we are normally whitelisted. Some jobs such as PD and EMS are whitelist only and you must fill out an application.
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Phantaboulous' Discord
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Servidor Latino GTA ROLEPLAY
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Ontario Roleplay is a FiveM based roleplay server. We have an active staff team with a Blaine County Sheriffs Department, Dispatch and plenty of high ranking BCSO ranks that need to be filled!. We are currently looking for LEOs, if you love GTA and FiveM roleplay this is the server for you! We have: - A Sheriffs Office - A custom CAD/MDT - Our own website - 24/7 online server - Fully fledged Discord server.
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Kangaroo Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplay server based in Australia
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El mejor servidor de roleplay de FiveM
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Please keep in mind EGC is a serious gaming community, there is no place for toxicity and drama! And in-game we stay in character Again welcome to the community and enjoy our server! :-)
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Description: Baltimore County Roleplay is a new up and coming FiveM roleplay server that is still currently in development but has opened to the public for testing stages. What We Offer: BCRP offers a fun and enjoyable experience to all users who spend time on the server. We have lots of stuff like custom cars, clothes, uniforms, and some of the best scripts out there! Departments: - BCSO - LSPD - LSMD - GANGS EST. 2020
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UnitedCity on suomalainen roolipeli serveri jolla ei vittu pelaa ketään. Ennen oli ihan hyvin porukkaa mutta nyt on kuollut paskaksi :)
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CAFRP | Crime and Force Roleplay | UK Roleplay | Free cars| Active staff | Fast money
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This is a Gta5 Roleplay server with many of different jobs to choose from. We have police, fire department, crips, bloods and many more.