Community | Hobbies
/r/Manchester's official Discord - Manchester's biggest dedicated social community server, featuring a live feed for the /r/Manchester subreddit, subreddit mods and an active gaming group. We do regular #meetups in town and generally chat shite :)
YouTuber | Community
Auf dem "YouTube Community DE" Discord könnt ihr euch über allerlei Themen rund um YouTube unterhalten und diskutieren. Allerdings könnt ihr hier auch als YouTuber euch mit anderen YouTubern austauschen oder Kooperationen & Meet-Ups abhalten.
Community | Support
Everyone who joins us will be our friend! Anyone is welcome to join us! Don’t be afraid. Concord is a calm and safe place of harmony and benevolence. We have some of the nicest, friendliest and understanding people here for you to be friends with!
LGBT | Community
We are a community of gay men from diverse backgrounds and communities coming together in NYC. We operate the Reddit and this discord server aiming to create a safe, open space so we can freely express who we are. We are straight friendly too
Gaming | Community
Chicago gamers is a discord for you to find friendly and fun gamers around the Chicagoland area. Feel free to jump in and look for gamers of all variety!