A server purely made for people to enjoy Discord Nitro with more emotes! All emote slots are full. 50/50 Normal and 50/50 Animated ones!
Hello, thanks for taking time to read this, my server is where people of any ages can hang out and meet people of the same interests. Make friends, have a laugh and help each other with their youtube's and social medias. I also have a youtube channel: You c an also give me video ideas, interact with me and feature in some of my videos if your lucky ;) I can't wait to see you there! (NOTE: This server is still growing so please don't leave if the discord looks dead) Thank you.
Mc.Clubcs.Ro Network Server * Versiuni Suportate: 1.8.x - 1.13 * Servere: * Survival 1.12.2 * * Skyblock* * Kingdoms * * Creative* * SkyPvP* * RPG Quests * Minigames: * BedWars * Serverul a fost infiintat in urma cu 3 ani din dorinta de a oferi jucatorilor romani o experienta unica de joc. Stafful nostru a dat dovada de profesionalism si seriozitate in ultimi ani castigand increderea jucatorilor. Serverul este hostat pe una dintre cele mai noi si performante platforme care ofera o experienta de joc fara probleme de lag, platforma configurata in intregime de catre echipa noastra. Te asteptam !
The Promised Land is a chill area where you can hangout listen to music with a group chat about anime,memes, or just a good time in general.
¡¡ Unete al servidor de discord de la mejor network de Minecraft (1.8.x - 1.14.x) >> SkyCraft !!
Ava is a high quality Music bot, with moderation, interaction, search, administration commands, highly customizable and much more!
Help us create the World’s Biggest Discord Server!
Dragon Ball Strength Unleashed is a Dragon Ball RP Server that focuses on becoming stronger, making new allies and friends. Dragon Ball Strength Unleashed has many channels and a character bio channel to make your character in but that's optional. Many channels to go to and just let your imagination...well imagine what it looks like!
Advertise your Server to more than 4000 members in more than 20 channels! We also offer Social Media advertising and are always open for partnerships.
Advertise your Server to more than 4000 members in more than 20 channels! We also offer Social Media advertising and are always open for partnerships.
DayZ Community Discord DayZ Server:
idk what to put here 😳
We are a minecraft Server network with 2 modpacks and 3 servers Modpacks: The Dark Atlantic: A faction mod pack with ships as main transport and witchery as our magic mod, and immersive engineering as our tech mod. we have other mods on the modpack as well MC-War: a modpack with guns and nukes and a little of tech, if you want to want to be destructive and destroy your enemies, this is the pack for you. Servers: 1.7.10 pack: We do not own the modpack for this server, but it will be a faction server where staff who can teleport to others are not allowed to raid. with limited banned items as possible.
Official Anadolu Parsi Discord Server
A gaming community dedicated towards Battlefield 4 shanghai only map, we host two servers in Europe!
All things FNaF! Please, if you don't like the series, don't join, we just like to have a good time here. Read the rules before joining and have fun!
Our Rust Server Rusty Mafia's Server Information: Server's Name: [EU] RustyMafia 4x | Kits | /Sethome | BGrade IP: Forums: Join our server today by searching in the Modded Section of Rust "RustyMafia" it is a x4 server or you can type in the Rust Console "client.connect" If you would like to become staff today on RustyMafia please feel free to apply on our Forums, there are two applications, you can either apply for Chat Mod or Moderator. Thank you for reading our server information.
Server in Fivem.
Attoric Games is a growing gaming community of a wide variety of game genres. We self-host most of our own game servers and are actively looking for more help managing groups for various games.
We love anime, gaming, Touhou and all things in between! Meet new people, and play games together!! We also host events, eventual giveaways and also livestream on Twitch! Any and all are welcome!!
Arabic Server About Everything :D ⚫ English Speaker Role For Anyone Can Speak English ⚫ ⚫ Custom Bot For The Server ⚫ ⚫ Nice And Easy Rules ⚫ And More !! What are you waiting for?? join us now !!
We are a roblox/minecraft server that features anime stuff and maybe we'll add other games :). You can also gain artist role..
The discord server for the Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay community, ran and maintained by a group of friends well versed in roleplaying.
A fun & chill community with streamers etc in it.
Chill / Anime / Dating server where you can relax and have fun with no toxicity! You can post selfies, memes, anime related topics or just about anything! Come join the Happy Family and have fun ! ♡
The Husky Network is an all-new Minecraft network which hosts a wide variety of game modes like survival, factions, skyblock and many more.
Один из самых первых русскоязычных проектов по SCP:SL. Имеем стабильный онлайн, сервера без лагов, отзывчивую администрацию. Залетай к нам и играй с нами! :)
Rust Gaming Server over 2 years has become a standard in Rust gaming servers. With active player base there is always a server to hop on and fight against others in the amazing game Rust. If you don't have Rust, you are welcome as well, there is no requirement to join to have fun! Come & visit us today!
We are currently a smaller server since we just started, but feel free to join and leave if you'd like. We are a community based server.
A server about nothing, basic anarchy with some rules.
✓Up To Date Item Shop ✓Up To Date Patch Notes and News ✓New Item Leaks And Informative ✓Easily Find Duo/Squad Partner/s On Any Device/Region ✓Stay On Top Of The Game With Item Shop Leaks ✓Lounges to chill and find friends ✓Staff And Mod Applications
We are an OP Space Themed SkyBlock server (MCPE) What we offer 🔶Mob Spawners 🔶Lucky Blocks 🔶Space PvP 🔶Custom Enchantments 🔶Vote Rewards 🔶And A Lot More 🔴Events 🔴24/7 server/support Why not join and earn exclusive rewards in our giveaways
LPerFr3aks Discordserver!
Animoo is an anime and manga focused server.
Server Italiano Fondato principalmente sul Gaming e anime.