Privately hosted game server with various games. Come join us! Currently hosting LIFYO, Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers, Minecraft, and a BC WoW server.
Gaming | Social
A fairly chill discord server focused mainly on Space Engineers but often playing other games if invited by members of the server.
Gaming | Community
Looking for a small, active discord group for all our pop-culture and gaming interests? Look no farther than The Underground.
Gaming | Community | Anime
A friendly gaming server with a focus on League of Legends, StarCraft II, Space Engineers, and Osu! Come hangout and have fun~ Active staff, with members mostly on after 5pm CST. We are home to the `AoH | 24/7 | 4.2ghz | Chicago` Space Engineers server.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Become a true Space Engineer
Community | Gaming
Looking for a place to hangout, play games, and meet new people? Then Burger's Bar is the right place for you! The community is friendly, and open to new players from around the globe to come and have fun with us. Associated Games: - Arma III - Minecraft - Garry's Mod - Space Engineers - Starbound - Tabletop Simulator - Stick Fight: The Game We also have weekly game nights where we play free games so that everyone in the community is able to play together! Come play with us today; there are 110 new friends waiting for you!
Community | Gaming
Tento server byl vytvořen zejména pro spojení lidí se zájmem her, pokud hledáš kamaráda na hraní, tak na co ještě čekáš! nabízíme ti: 👑 - časté eventy 🎉 - giveaways 📬 - Ping role (takže vás nice nebude zbytečně rušit) 🛠️ - aktivní A-team 🏹 - spoustu možností co se týče her od našeho Vesmírného Bota 🤖 - máme vlastního server bota a skvělého programátora ⬆️ - časté updaty co se týče serveru 🔥 Tak co přijdeš se podívat? Budeme moc rádi, pokud ano.🥳** (a mimochodem, po příchodu musíš potvrdit PRAVIDLA reakcí pod zprávou, jinak nebudeš moci spát, ani se připojovat do roomek)
Gaming | Community
Core Horizons is an Australian / New Zealand Community. We host many servers such as Space Engineers, Garry's Mod, Minecraft & Arma 3. We also play many games such as Elite Dangerous, Rust & Call of Duty.
Gaming | Military
Dark Star Imperium is a multinational gaming community created and ran by prior and active military veterans. We focus mainly on Space games like Space engineers, Dual universe, Starbase, and star citizen, but also play other things as well. We are big on PvP and encouraging members to get involved with our many creative projects and events. If you're looking for a good time and something to do please stop on by!