Art | Entertainment
Our mission is to bring together cosplayers looking to collab, grow on TikTok, and make friends with each other.
Gaming | Community
Everything you need, Guide, Friends, Teamwork.
Gaming | Community
Fortnite is a fun & friendly place for everyone to enjoy all of fortnite content all in one server. -Welcome to Fortnite!- 🎮Gaming Channels🎮 ✨fortnite-skins✨ 💬Gaming Community💬 fortnite-tips🔫 😂memes😂
Investing | Crypto
The server was made to help the new people learn and invest into crypto-currencies, with the main goal of making money from it. You can invest and collect interest weekly.
eSports | Investing
Research betting, bet on those games, watch together on twitch, laugh and make profit together.
Gaming | eSports
Edit Delete Overview Members 73 Emotes 72 Tags Valorant Fortnite Music Emotes Report Server Hey, Thanks for reading, Welcome to "A New Beginning", We are a Valorant server with the solepurpose of Improvement We have Kovaak Scenarios, Maps with Callouts, Guides to help every agent, ETC! What Seperates us from many other servers is that we have an In-House ranking system! Since alot of our members are coming from console and are new to KBnM we want them to be able to have a practice rank where you wont get discouraged by losing or and can build a team, Where once atleast Gold 3 is reached you are ready for ranked. If you're down for improvement join us and start your new beginning. :D
Community | eSports
BetMasters is the home of every sports betting enthusiast Talk bets, predictions and other sports related thing with others
Hobbies | Programming
Editing community, where you can get help editing, or help others edit; just chat if you'd like! We supply overlays, backgrounds, effects, etc.
Design | Growth
— ⌗ Salvadora◞ ︶︶︶︶ support service server that helps you get hired and commission people for gfx, servers, bots..etc with a simple minimalistic & aesthetic layout ✦・we are a sweet and loving server with great staffs. ✧・aesthetically pleasing layout made with love. ✦・tight security and a SFW commu
Crypto | Community
A network for people curious about the many different crypto projects that exist. Hear about new projects, ask for help in joining existing ones, or advertise a project you are working on. Go to the #roles channel to self-add roles to be notified on the activities that interest you!