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Anime | Social
Collect over 18,000 gacha focused on anime and games as you trade, compete, and show off your favorites in our global economy!
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Upa Discord Server Banner
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Anime | Social
Collect over 18,000 gacha focused on anime and games as you trade, compete, and show off your favorites in our global economy!
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Anime | Bot
Panko is equipped with Dungeons and Dragons generative content and a D&D database to pull information from. It's capable of rolling dice and playing high quality music. It comes with an assortment of tools to help manage a server or browse content from the web like the latest anime, movie, manga, or game. Lastly, it comes with a text translator to help communicate in multi-language servers, and a ticket reporting system to help busy moderators handle their servers.
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Music | Gaming
Hey There! I am Spoffy and I want to make your discord server fun, useful, relaxing by using all commands for music and last but not least safe from all people who break the rules by using moderation commands. Almost every day the bot does an update and all features are checked by volunteer testers, but if you have a closer eye than theirs and you have noticed that there is a bug inside you can simply do the .bugreport command and the bug will be analyzed immediately. okok, I understand your problem: you have more bots in your server besides Spoffy and you don't know how to manage them with all these prefixes all the same; with spoffy this problem is solved, just use slash commands!
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Entertainment | Music
# ✨ Features ✨ ### 📡 **Advanced Dashboard** - Manage your servers and make your server-specific settings! - Make custom adjustments easy! ### 🛑 **Powerful Moderation:** - **Moderation Commands.** <br /> _Commands:_ `ban`, `unban`, `timeout`, `voice moderation`, `deafen`, `move`, `warn`, `setnick`, ... - **Multi-Function Purge Commands.** <br /> _Commands:_ `purge`, `purge attach`, `purge bots`, `purge links`, `purge token`, `purge user`, ... ### 🤖 **Auto Moderation:** - **Anti system** <br /> _Commands:_ `anti ghostping`, `anti spam`, `anti massmention`, ... - **Auto Delete system** <br /> _Commands:_ `autodelete attachments`, `autodelete invites`, `autodelete links`, `autodelete maxlines`, ... - **AutoMod system** <br /> _Commands:_ `automod status`, `automod strikes`, `automod action`, `automod debug`, `automod whitelist`, ... ### ⚙️ **Admin Configuration:** - **Let a bot be the server's assistant!** <br /> _Commands:_ `autorole`, `farewell`, `welcome`, `counters`, `flag
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Bot | Memes
Discord multipurpose bot haves many features such as Reviews system, anti link system,anti ghost ping, giveaway system, memes, quotes, rizz, advice, sourcebin create, anonymous channel sends, welcome system, leave system, auto role!, auto response,weather,level system,advanced commands and more than 80 commands add but not listed here bot made in discord.js and it cool bot ever!
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Community | Support
RenFox 76 est un bot discord multifonction simple à utiliser et gratuit. Son prefix est en slash "/" Créer par habib76#0 Développer en discord.js version 14 Avec toutes types de commandes disponibles (modération, utilitaire, information, public, fun & système de bump) Les mise à jour sont récurrent et amélioratif pour optimiser aux maximum le bot et répondre à vos besoin. WEBSITE: https://www.renfox76.x10.mx/ STATUS: https://status.watchbot.app/bot/1063920557281779793 SERVEUR SUPPORT: https://discord.gg/zRSyhQdmjF
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LGBT | Mature
My Prefix Is Femscout Admin addcc, addemoji, ai-setup, alt-config, autorole, bypass-alt, delcc, disablemodlogchannel, disablemuterole, fetch-alts, help-greetings, prefix, setmodlogchannel, setmuterole, svr Fun 8ball, advice, ascii, binary, clyde, coinflip, comment, connectfour, duelquiz, eject, embedsay, emojify, fact, github, gunfight, howgay, meme, memory, roast, rps, say, shuffle-guess, status, tictactoe, urbandictionary, weather Images affect, avatarfusion, beautiful, cat, changemymind, delete, dog, dogfact, facepalm, fire, kangaroo, panda, respect, rip, scary, thomas, tobecontinued, trash, triggered, wasted Info avatar, botinfo, channelinfo, djsdocs, roleinfo, rolememberinfo, serverav, serverinfo, ss, twitter, whois, wikipedia Mod ban, deafen, dm, hackban, kick, lock, lockdown, mute, purge, resetwarns, roleadd, roledel, setnick, show-warns, slowmode, tempban, unban, undeafen, unlock, unmute, vcmove, warn Utility calculate, help, invite, ping, poll, removeafk, setafk, uptime
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Music | Entertainment | Anime
Features: - Support for slash commands ? - Support for Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify! - Fun Commands - Anime Commands - Moderation Commands ? - Set custom playlists - Set DJ Role - Set custom Welcome message channel - and more ⌛️
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Gaming | Music
Hey there, this is Seth, Sylvriss's Developer. I'd like to introduce you to my multipurpose bot. Sylvriss's main feature right now is the music commands. We also have a command that works like Carl-bot's "purge", ours is called mop, you can delete up to 2000 messages without the 2 week limit. I also am hoping to add a currency system eventually. I hope you enjoy my bot and the support server is always open!
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Gaming | Design
• Special designs for you, high quality models. • Animations, characters, MLO's & Cars. • To purchase a mod, please contact us.
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Gaming | Community
elcome to The Modding Community Come and join our Specialist team of modders in the creation of modding tools and trainers used to help you get through those tough games! Anyone is welcome here whether you are into coding or just like to chat about the games you play!