YouTuber | Community
Quite a small, yet active & nice community to hang out in! Talk about PewDiePie, or just ignore him and talk to people in #general - the choice is yours. Join today!
Gaming | YouTuber
Hello! You are more then welcome to join my server! :smile: We play Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, and many more! Anyone is welcome!
Gaming | Community
Here you can try hard in games with other people, or have a chill and relaxed place to chat/play games. This is an friendly community that you are always welcome to join!!
Community | Gaming
this is a chill server where we just hang out.
Gaming | Art
I'm a graphics server!
Community | Entertainment
Hi, we are a fairly new discord server with a great community and friendly owners and staff and would love you to join! Actively looking for new members and staff to help us manage but please join.. we will welcome you with open arms.
eSports | Gaming | Streaming
Record SMP is a Minecraft SMP for smaller youtubers with under 10,000K Subs and over 20 subs We have a server limit of 100 people.