Gaming | Role-Playing
Join my Medieval Minecraft Server! We are a brand new server that just was released Yesterday! Everything was designed and integrated by me. - We have: Custom Stats Custom MobHealth Custom Ranking Spleef / Splegg / MiniGames / Point System / Point Shop Professional Rankign system Leveling System Over 10 Minecraft Mods - BattleGear - Custom NPCs - IronChests - Custom Army Troops - Custom Villager NPC's (Trading / Buying / Working for you / Fighting ) Events! and soo much more!! Join while you can!
Gaming | Entertainment
A small server for the "1.7.10 pack" modpack 250 mods No hacking, all else is fair game And just be nice! LGBTQ+ friendly all are welcome!
Gaming | Community
Nexus Network We host both 1.7.10 AND 1.12.2 servers that are whitelisted with PVP and PVE. And staff that are just as much Minecraft players and lovers as you are and are always willing to help 1.7.10 =-= Custom Venus and Twilight worlds =-= =-= Toggleable PVP =-= =-= Grief Protection / Land Claims =-= =-= Towny =-= 1.12.2 =-= Custom Ranks =-= =-= Grief protection =-= =-= New server =-= =-= Toggleable PVP =-= Server located - Brooklyn, New York - (Fully dedicated with Intel [email protected]) Excellent uptime with auto restart Player shops, Economy, Claiming and more! Griefers WILL be Banned Submit an application through our discord!
Gaming | Community
MYTHOSCRAFT is a community based around a Minecraft modpack that is themed around adventure,RPG,fantasy play style with a growing multiplayer server and ever expanding world. features include -The modpack is free to download and is really small -a 1.12.2 server that is up and open to join 24/7. -an active admin group -constantly getting updates -hard survival with a strong high risk high reward mindset -real seasons, -different food impacts, -Teleportation through sign posts (like in the Witcher) and magic, -a ton of new biomes -buildable airships/normal vessals -tameable dragons -tons of quests to follow -skills and so much more join our discord for where you can get the modpack and to chat with us